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What do you think about this

Discussion in 'Nintendo DS' started by Chicagoan, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Chicagoan

    Chicagoan Official Breeder.

    Mar 16, 2007
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    Performing the glitch isn't a problem at all. In fact, it is a very, very easy
    process. However, while the glitch is easy to execute, and can work for anyone
    with an earlier Japanese version, it is still a dangerous glitch. If you make
    it to either Darkrai or Sheimi/Shaymin, then you're safe. However, absolutely
    every single itsy bitsy thing you do in between the first room of the Elite
    Four and the "Flower Paradise" or New Moon Island can be very dangerous.

    Make sure you follow directions very correctly. People have lost valuable data
    due to not performing the glitch exactly right. It is an easy process, but it
    can also be safe if directions are followed. While I would not want to hurt
    anyone's saved data, there are still those "completionists" out there that are
    just as bummed out as I am that they'll probably never acquire either Darkrai
    or Sheimi/Shaymin legitimately unless they go through with this.

    Anyway, the first thing you do is travel to the room of the first fight of the
    Elite Four. When you arrive there, walk back towards the door that locked
    behind you when you entered. While looking towards that door, and as far as you
    can walk up to it, have a Pokemon use "Surf". Crazy, huh? That's not supposed
    to work, right? After all, it's ridiculous to surf on...concrete. However, for
    whatever reason, your character will jump through the door onto that now-
    surfing Pokemon!

    You have now wound up past the game's normally travelable areas, past
    boundaries and into a void. Again, don't worry. You can walk in throughout this
    void as far as you please, but because this is a very dangerous glitch, you'll
    need not to move an inch, but only in the right direction and distance! Don't
    move yet! From here, you will have the ability to visit a number of places. I
    have provided safe directions to three significant locations: Where Darkrai and
    Sheimi/Shaymin are, and right in the middle of the Hall of Fame.

    =- 1) Finding Darkrai -=

    To access Darkrai, from where you should now be standing, and using the
    Poketch's built-in Step Counter, walk 146 steps to the east. After that, walk
    254 steps south, for a total of 400 steps.

    If you feel you've messed up, you can either attempt to fly from where you are
    to the game's other areas or retrace your steps if that does not work. The next
    part is what can mess some people up very easily, as you will have to be
    unusually still for a certain amount of time.

    Now, use the Explorer Kit to go underground. This will cause you to save. When
    you go underground, DON'T MOVE! Simply resurface. Guess where you are? You're
    at New Moon Island! The place looks a little messed up, but don't worry about
    that. Maneuver yourself west around the glitchy visuals for a short distance,
    or look at your Map Key Item to help clear it up, then afterwards travel north
    into the woods. Floating right before you is the rare Pokemon Darkrai!

    Common statistics:
    National Pokedex entry number: 491
    Height: 4'11", or 1.5 meters
    Weight: 111.3 lb., or 50.6 kilograms
    Gender Ratio: (Genderless)
    Base Happiness: 0
    Species: Darkness Pokemon
    Evolves into: Not Applicable
    Evolves from: Not Applicable

    Battling statistics:
    Type: Dark (It's the very first pure Dark-type legendary Pokemon.)
    Ability: Bad Dreams (Constantly deducts 1/16 of a sleeping Pokemon's HP)
    Level found: 40
    Catch Rate: 3/255 (The higher, the better; unfortunately for you this time)

    I would like to congratulate you for having the rare opportunity to somewhat-
    legitimately fight this Pokemon, and for most likely capturing it. You will not
    be able to fly away from New Moon Island, so simply take the boat on that
    island to the mainland.

    =- 2) Finding Sheimi/Shaymin -=

    Sheimi/Shaymin is also acquired in the exact same way, but it's in a different
    location. It is easier, when you start all over again, to reset your Poketch's
    pedometer, as you can very easily get lost. You shouldn't have to needlessly
    lose time, because again, this is a very easy glitch. After you wind up once
    more in the void outside the door of that same room, walk 200 steps east.
    Afterwards, walk 363 steps south, totaling to 563 steps taken. After that, walk
    722 steps east, totaling to 1285 steps. From where you stand, walk 19 steps
    west, for a total of 1304 steps.

    Don't think you can shorten the 722 steps east by 19 to reach the same place--
    trust me, it won't work. Make sure you go 722 steps east, and only then take 19
    steps west. It is important that you follow directions for your safety. Again,
    go underground with your Explorer Kit, and without moving, immediately
    resurface. Look at your Map Key Item to help take care of the visual
    glitchiness you are probably experiencing. You're now below the "Flower
    Paradise" with Sheimi/Shaymin straight ahead of you.

    ===Faster Method by leebui===
    Another person, known as "leebui", has given me directions as to how to get to
    where Sheimi/Shaymin is, but in a much faster and simpler way. From right
    outside that Elite Four door, walk 903 steps east. After that, walk south 363
    steps, for only 1266 steps. That's 38 steps shorter, and two steps less! All
    you do after this is go underground with the kit and resurface--you'll know
    what comes next. Anyway, thank you very much leebui!

    Common statistics:
    National Pokedex entry number: 492
    Height: 0'8", or 0.2 meters
    Weight: 4.6 lb., or 2.1 kilograms
    Gender Ratio: (Genderless)
    Base Happiness: 100
    Species: Gratitude Pokemon
    Evolves into: Not Applicable
    Evolves from: Not Applicable

    Battling statistics:
    Type: Grass (And it's the very first pure Grass-type legendary Pokemon, too!)
    Ability: Natural Cure (Every time this Pokemon is withdrawn from battle, all
    malignant statuses are automatically cured, which of course won't affect
    your battle with it.)
    Level found: 30
    Catch Rate: 45/255 (The higher, the better; this instance is in your favor.)

    This fight will be a pushover. However, I still suggest that you bring with you
    as many Ultra Balls, Great Balls, and Pokeballs that you think you'll need. You
    don't want to risk more than you need to by saving at the "Flower Paradise"
    unless you've checked beforehand that you have that option. Once you're done
    with either capturing or killing it (if you have beaten the game, Sheimi/
    Shaymin won't give you any problems), you can fly away at your earliest
    convenience. If you can't, know that that sometimes can happen in some Japanese
    games, so turn off your game and try it again.

    I would like to congratulate you on successfully and legitimately capturing
    either of these Pokemon. I'm sure it turned out to be fun and easy. Either
    that, or at least much easier compared to the less rare and much tougher other
    legendary hunts. However, there is one more way you can safely make good use of
    this glitch.
  2. lloyd_yayo

    lloyd_yayo Nintendo 4life

    Oct 16, 2006
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    7527 1826 6337 6464
    im not that desperate enough to try this unless and only if at least 10 other people on this site do it successfully.
  3. Chicagoan

    Chicagoan Official Breeder.

    Mar 16, 2007
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    I'm going to raise a pinplub that I got from my other edition. (I will send it to Diamond and then returning it back) To start with a lv 40 3rd evol pokemon and take Palkia to be able to send it to my Diamond edition. Then, I will try that stuff on Pearl (I won't matter if I erase the game, as I will send Palkia with a Master Ball as holding item)

    I won't try it with my Diamond edition, but I will do with the pearl one :)
  4. Chicagoan

    Chicagoan Official Breeder.

    Mar 16, 2007
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    Wii Friend Code: 0990-1391-2473-1732
    I was going to just try to do surf to make sure that it will work... and it does not...

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