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What i would like to see in the future

Discussion in 'Smash Brothers' started by valnn, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. valnn

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    Mar 28, 2008
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    You know what i'd like to see in the future? well for one a new super smash bros. I've been Really happy with Super smash bros brawl. It has been good fun, Endless possibility's. But here is my honost thoughts of what i think would be cool to see in the future.

    First of all this is who i would like to stay in the game in the future.

    [Veteran fighters]
    Mario ]
    Captain falcon :Secret character:]
    Donkey Kong ]
    Falco :secret character: ]
    Fox ]
    Gannondorf :secret character: ]
    Ike ]
    Kirby ]
    Link ]
    Ness ]
    Lucas:secret character ]
    Luigi :secret Character: ]
    Bowser :secret character: ]
    Meta Knight ]
    Olimar ]
    Peach ]
    Pikachu ]
    Pit ]
    Pokemon Trainer ]
    Samus (and zss) ]
    Sonic :secret character ]
    Wario :secret character ]
    Wolf :secret character: ]
    Yoshi ]
    Zelda (and shiek) ]
    Diddy kong
    Mr Game and watch :secret character:]
    R.O.B ]
    Now the characters that did not return and why i think they should not return.

    King Dedede: The reason i think king dedede shouldn't return is because he doesn't seem like much of a fighter. I love Some of the kirby games and i was really happy to see meta knight, but i think they could've found someone better then king Dedede.

    Ice Climbers: Ice climbers are under played and i don't like them much anyways, i would've been so happy to see them not come back and have got someone to replace them.

    Snake: I love snake, hes one of my favorite characters, but i can't see him in another smash bros. He was meant for this one.

    JigglyPuff: Jigglypuff is about the worst pokemon ever invented. why is it in brawl i have no clue, sure its cute but i mean come on theres so many cooler characters.

    Lucario: Lucario is a cool pokemon but same as mewto he will be replaced.

    Marth: Marth is a cool character but i would rather have roy come back with the same attacks as marth but no more marth.

    Toon link: Another young link will come back or he will be replaced by another character from zelda.
    Now for characters who will return that were in Melee but not brawl.

    Roy: Roy is cooler then marth and should return in the newer smash bros.

    Mewtew: Mewtew is one of the coolist pokemon ever invented i would love to see him return.

    Here are some newcomers i'd like to see in a smash bros
    Newcomers from the mario series.

    Waluigi: He would be cool to bring into brawl now that wario is in it here is a set list i designed for him.

    A: one hit with his fist
    AA: two hits with his fist
    AAA: Two hits with his fist then he does a backhand to the face

    A:while running or left: He slides and hits the oponet with his foot

    A:While hitting up in the air: Does a kick in the air similar to Sheik.

    A: while you point down: Does and spin with his feet hiting people from below

    A->: "Power smash": Hits you with a tennis racket.

    Aup: "power smash": Hits you with his tennis racket but up.

    ADown: "Power smash": Hits you with his foot

    B: you throw numerous tennis balls and which ever way you are facing.

    Bup: Waluigi hits up butt with a tennis racket. "it does damage if he hits an enemy"

    B Right or left: He throws a goomba and then it explodes after 5 seconds.

    Final Smash: Tons of goomba's fall from the sky exploding similar to what happens in sudden death, the effect last's for 15 seconds and a good goomba's drop from the sky.

    Speed: Really fast. Waluigi Will be one of the fastest characters, not as fast as fox/sonic, but right below them faster then most characters in the game.

    Waluigi is a secret character, and this is how you would unlock him. Beat classic mode as Wario, Mario, and Luigi on hard you must also have played Mario 20 times, luigi 10 times, and wario 5 times. after that he would appear


    Another person i would like to see come to brawl from the mario series is

    Kooper: Kooper is an ally In the very first paper mario game, hes a blue shelled koopa, the main reason i'd like to see him in the game is because hes a koopa and he can fight, I also like paper mario.

    Here is a set list i designed for him.

    A: Standard Punch

    AA: Double Punch

    AAA: Double punch then a small tackle knocking back a bit far.

    Aup: Just a stand punch in the air

    Adown: a standard kick

    A: "while runing": you spin doing damage to who ever you hit.

    Aup: "Power smash": he jumps up in his shell similar to bowsers Power smash

    Aright: "power smash" He thrust's into you while in his shell.

    Adown: "powersmash" He Punches to the ground strongly.

    B: Jumps up then spins in his shell doing damage to near by people.

    B: "left or right": Similar to fox's fastly he spins in his shell in a direction doing damage to people he hits, The distance is not as long as foxes but it does more damage.

    Bup: hes throws his shell off "The shell goes off and hits enemies above him" and that gives him a small jump boost. His shell comes back soon.

    Bdown: Does a slam to the ground and when he reaches it he does a small spin doing 3%-5% damage to everyone near by.

    Final Smash: he jumps in his shell and then turns giant, and on fire. he goes back and forth on the stage for about 7 seconds. if you are at 0% health 2 hits from this will kill you, though its a short final smash he becomes huge resulting in killing people the majority of the time.

    Speed: Speed is medium, he is a little slow then mario but fast enough to keep up with bowser etc.

    Kooper would also be a Secret character this is how you can unlock him: Brawl as mario 50 times, and after that you will unlock a stage called Flipside "i will talk about stages later". After that brawl on that stage as mario 5 times. and he will fight you.

    The last person i would like to see in A new super smash bros would be Geno, i'm not going to make setlist for what i would like him to do, because there are way too many already.
    The legend of zelda series.

    Alright here are a few characters i'd like to see in the new smash bros "if there would be a new one"

    Wolf Link: Wolf link is in Twilight Princess Anyone who has seen a trailer or have played the game would know who i am talking about. here is a setlist i made for him.

    A: Standard bite

    AA: Double Bite

    AAA: double bite then a head butt.

    A While running: a head butt while running.

    Aup: Wolf like would hit the person above him with his head.

    Adown: Swipes with your tail.

    Aright: "Power attack": Nothing too complex a charged head butt.

    AUp: "power smash": You would Jump up using your body as a weapon.

    Adown: "Power smash": Nothing speical just a charged tailswipe.

    B:if you keep clicking it, it does a powerful claw swipe

    BRight Or left: You bark and it hits everyone that is in front of you within a long distance.

    Bup: A Barrel roll that sends you flying into the air "does damage".

    Bdown: You do a spin hits everyone near you with your tail.

    Final Smash: Wolf links final smash would be he turns into real link and hits who ever is closest to him into the air, then doing a marrage of attack, then a final atatck sending the person to a K.O. after that you turn back into wolf link.

    Speed: FAST FAST FAST: Wolf link would be as fast as sonic, which would make him one of the best.

    How to Unlock wolf link: Wolf link also would be a special character to unlock him you need to have a 100 K.O's as Link, Gannondorf, midna and zelda. thus would make him appear.

    Midna: Midna the little small verison would be a cool character for a new smash bros, here is a set liist.

    A: Punch

    AA: double punch

    AAA: Double punch then a powerful kick.

    Aup: A punch in the air.

    A While running: A slide kick.

    ADown: A kick to the ground.

    A Right or left "Power smash": Her big orange hand with could out and hit the person

    Aup "Power smash": Her big orange hand would hit up.

    ADown "Power smash": Her big orange hand would hit down.

    B: Shoots twilight at the way shes faces "Similar to all the projectiles in the game"

    B Left or right: She throws a twilight Bomb exploding and doing Area damage.

    Bup: a twilight hole would appear she goes through it and go up.

    Bdown: Twilight pieces come from under midna doing damage to people near her.

    Final Smash: Remember in twilight Princess when midna summons the big lava thing at the goron place to burn the ice in zora's dormain? Well yeah The comes out of a twighlight hole onto the stage erupting sending everyone flying off the stage.

    Speed: fast: She'd be a fast character but not as fast as fox.

    Midna would not be a secret character.
    Pokemon series

    Machamp. Ok even before i talk about this pokemon and his abillity's half of you are probably like "whats a machamp" and other are saying "why machamp". Heres the reason. Machamp is a bad ass Fighting pokemon, and one of the first pokemon. hes made games like this.

    Heres his attack setlist.

    A: attacks with his first hand

    AA: attack's with his first hand then second hand.

    AAA: Attack's with his first hand then his second hand then his third hand.

    A while running: a jump kick.

    Aup: punches with his his hands in the air.

    Adown: kicks down with his feet.

    A Left or right "Power smash": He combindes together all his hands to do a super packed punch "Machamp would have the strongest Power smashes"

    Aup: for the he also combindes all his hands together and his up.

    adown: He holds to of his hands to together and smashes the ground.

    B: He charaged his fist "like donkey kong", but its twice as strong, one downfall its 2X longer.

    Bup: Does a in the air "like donkey kong also", it doesn't go as high but it does a bit more damage.

    B Left or right: Does a punch that explodes doing damage to everyone near "including machamp" it does 2X the damage to machamp it's pretty potent though, so you should use it if everyones close to each other.

    Bdown: Does a Strong punch to the ground affecting everyone near by, it does about 20% damage, but it can't be used again for 15 seconds.

    Final smash: He punches to the tv screen "not really though lol" and it makes it so no one can see there character on the screen but machamp it also does 1% damage every .5 seconds for 30 seconds, this will result in people walking off the edge, and if lucky machamp could hit them. they can still attack but its kinda usless when you can't see lol.

    Speed: Slow. All the good things about machamp just came low, because machamp is as slow as gannon dorf =/.

    Machamp isn't a secret character.
    Sonic series

    Knuckles: Knuckles is the red guy from sonic he'd be very similar to sonic but here are some diffirerinces

    B: Digs into the ground then comes out doing damage to people nearby.

    B Left or right: Does a swipes with his claws/hands.

    Bup: does a spin then flys up.

    Bdown: Does a spin hitting everybody nearby

    Final Smash: Knuckles gets slowed down but every body is still at normal speed then the stage turns upside down "knuckles stays in the air cause its slow and everybody fall to their death". After about 10 seconds the stage goes back to normal and so does knuckles speed.

    Here are some diffiernces.

    Knuckles is slow but stronger.

    Diffirent final smashes.

    Diffirent special moves "b moves"

    Everything else though is the same.

    How to unlock knuckles:You have to unlock sonic then beat Classic mode on hard.

    F-zero series

    Deathborn: I'm not a big F-zero fan i like captain falcon but i looked up some stuff and i think deathborn would be an awesome addition to the game.

    Heres the setlist

    A:Stand punch

    AA: double Punch

    AAA: Triple punch

    A While running: A slide kick

    Aup: A backhand in the air.

    A down: a spin kick to the ground.

    A Right "power smash": A double Punch power smash sending the opponet off course.

    Aup: "power smash": A triple punch in the air sending the opponet off course.

    Adown: "power smash": a double kick to the ground send the oppoent off course.

    B: he conjures a shadow ball and throws it at people that are facing him

    B Left or right: He whips out a sword and does a fast slice to the direction your facing.

    B up: His cape Lets him fly for a short time.

    B down: he spins teleports a short distance, and it does damage to nearby people.

    Final Smash: He turns giant and Whips out his sword, attacks do more damage, and its way easier to knock people off.

    Speed: hes a really fast character.
    alright now heres two other people who should be in the game Simon Belmont and Megaman, and kritter i'm not going to make their setlist, not yet at least. ok heres a recap.

    Starting characters
    Donkey kong
    Meta Knight
    Pokemon Trainer
    Samus "And zss"
    Diddy kong
    Simon Belmont

    23 Characters

    Secret Characters
    Captain falcon
    Wolf link
    Megaman "set list coming soon"
    Kritter (goaly off Super mario strikes charged)
    MR. Game and watch

    18 Characters.

    Total Characters: 41.

    Ok so i'm still looking for 4 more smash bros characters worthy enought to take the spots. But let me explain how to unlock the rest of the secret characters.

    Captain falcon: do 100 Brawls "Or go through adventure mode"

    Luigi: Do 20 brawls as mario then beat the game on classic as mario "Or go through adventure mode"

    Falco: Get 25 KO's on fox, and play fox's match 10 times "or go through adventure mode"

    Gannondorf: do 300 brawls "Or go through advenuture mode"

    Wolf: Beat classic mode as Fox and Falco on hard "or go through adventure mode"

    Wario: Play a 15+ miniute brawl match with mario and luigi in it "or go throgh advenutre mode"

    Sonic: do 500 brawls "or go through adventure mode"

    Bowser: get knocked out as mario 40 times "or go through adventure mode"

    Lucas: Beat classic mode as ness "or go through adventure mode"

    Waluigi: explained farther up

    Kooper: explained farther up

    Wolf link: explained farther up

    Megaman: Beat classic mode as all characters

    Knuckles: Brawl as sonic 30 times

    Deathborn: beat adventure mode or Do 150 brawls as captain falcon.

    Kritter: Get 5 Mario strikers trophy's or play as Luigi, peach, mario, bowser, wario, walugi, and yoshi 5 times

    Mr game and watch: Collect 250 trophy's Or do 1000 brawls.

    Krystal: Collect 500 Trophies, Unlock all Characters, Have 30 hours play time in brawl, have 2500 Total combined Ko's, play as fox 50 times+, falco 50 times+, Wolf 50 times+. And beat the game on intense difficulty as Fox.

    Simon Belmont's Set list.

    A: Whip attack

    AA: Double Whip attack

    AAA: Triple whip attack

    Aup: Whip attack up

    Adown: Whip attack down

    A While running: Slides on feet hiting the opponet

    A Right or left "Power attack: Hit 4 times with the whip then the 5th time does extra dammage

    AUp "Power smash": Hit 3 times above you then a 4th time that does extra damage

    Adown Power smash: Hit the ground 5 times the 6th time does extra damage

    B: shoots fire balls

    BLeft or right: Whip out a sword and hit the opponet "adding a damage over time, 5% over 5 seconds,"

    Bup: throw the whip in the air grabing onto a platform or attacking an enemy

    Bdown: Swirl your whip around hitting nearby enemy's

    Final smash: Simon First twirl's his whip as fast as he can in a circle "If in the circle for as long as possible it does 50% damage," After that He hits everyone on the stage the attack is as powerful as a power smash.

    speed: Fast: Hes as fast as fox

    Kritter's set list.

    A: Standard slice

    AA: double SLice

    AAA: Triple slice

    Aup: Slice in the air

    Adown: Slice on the ground

    A while running: Does a slice at a nearby opponet

    A Right of left" power attack": Bite the nearby enemy making him fly

    Aup "power attack": Bites above making the enemy fly

    Adown "powerattack: Hits the ground by putting together both his hands and hitting the ground

    B: Charges a kick weaker then Donkey kong's charged punch, but charges fast "he is a soccer player lol".

    B Left or right: Kick a soccer ball hitting opponet

    Bup: A soccer ball comes flying behinde Kritter which results in sending him up

    Bdown: A standard spin attack

    Final smash: Kritter Fly's close to off of the, while flying he grabs his soccer ball and when he kicks it, it becomes huge hitting everybody on the stage.

    Speed: normal: He can run as fast as mario

    Krystal: Krystal is a Fox off the newest star fox, she is the female character in it, and here is here set list.

    A: Staff attack

    AA:double staff attack

    AAA:Triple staff attack

    Aup: Staff attack in the air

    A While moving: Staff pierce

    Adown: A spin kick on the ground

    A right or left "power smash": Attack with the staff once then again doing a powerfull attack.

    Aup "Power smash": Throw's her staff in the air "takes 5 seconds to get the staff back but it goes pretty far up"

    Adown: She pierces the ground with her staff

    B: Shoot's Icebolt's where shes facing, "its as fast as fox's gun"

    B Right or left: She teleports into the enemy "Similar to foxes abillity

    Bup: Shoots a Fire ball in the sky.

    Bdown: Nearby surrounding explode "This attack does tons of damage"

    Final Smash: She calls apon a tyranosarusrex, then jumps on it, you get to be the tyranosarusrex for 30 seconds.

    speed: Faster then Fox.

    Krystal would be the last character unlocked in brawl, as you can see she has a pretty bad ass set list and she would be fast as hell.

    Megaman's setlist.

    A: Punch

    AA: double punch

    AAA: Triple punch

    A While moving: Slide and kick

    Aup:Head butt in the air

    Adown: spin kick to the ground

    A Left or right "Power smash": Attack once then again doing a powerful attack

    Aup:"powersmash": Powerful headbutt to the air

    Adown: A short jump then kick the the ground doing massive damage:

    B: Charge the gun "like samus" but its stronger, takes longer to charge though

    BRight or left: A blast comes out of his arm "Like R.O.B's B abillity" This is strong but has more of a cooldown

    Bup: Megaman's Feet turn into rocket's shoot him up "the rockets hit the ground resulting in hurting people."

    Bdown: Teleports to the ground if in the air.

    Final Smash: Megaman sucks all of the opponet's into his hand gun then shoots them into the air doing massive damage.

    speed: as fast as sonic.

    Ok you know how they made it so you can listen to all this new music in brawl well i was thinking why not put like songs in there. cause it would be freaking awesome if i could Put on a metallica song on my stage then go fight and rock out it, So heres my little idea.

    Nintendo gets payed for putting the music onto the game if it helps promote them right. so heres some songs that would be cool to unlock


    Hangar 18- Megadeth:Get 30 songs

    Holy diver-Dio:get 70 songs

    My curse-Kill switch engage: get 100 songs

    The trooper-Iron maiden: Play fox 200 times

    Don't fear the reaper-Blue oyster cult: Play Simon 45 times

    Highway star-Deep purple: Walk a combinded distance of 500 feet as all characters.

    Enter sandman-Metallica: Beat the game on intense difficulty

    Fade to black-MEtallica: Unlock all songs.

    more to come probably tommorrow.
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    Man you realy thought this out but we got like anotehr 5 years for another SSB game and also there might be no more consoles or nintendo then lol!
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