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Wii Channel Improvements

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Chat' started by ottoman, Apr 7, 2007.

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    Dec 2, 2006
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    How can we improve the wii channels? Well in this thread im going to give a short summary on how to improve and develop the wii channels. Just to make sure you know, i love all the wii channels, but this is just some ways we can make them a better experience.

    Mii Channel:

    Great idea, but we need a wider range of options for customizing our mii's and also some new clothes and accessories. Also, we need to be able to customize how strong our wii is. This will contribute towards how well we do in boxing and baseball. How focused our Mii's are, This will help us in Golf and bowling. How agile the Mii is, will contribute towards tennis ability. (This is all wii sports btw)

    The points we get from various sports can be spent on raising our Strength, Focus and Agility. The three things vital for winning in wii sports. The Points can also buy you new clothes and accessories. Maybe some new gloves for boxing? Or a new bat for baseball? O maybe just those new sunglasses youve been saving up for.

    The Mii plaza needs something new. Some mini games to play with your friends in the plaza will be fun, or maybe just being able to speak with your friends mii. The speech could appear in a small box, or above the miis head. or both.

    Photo Channel:

    Some more editing tools would be nice. maybe you could merge two images together, or use a text tool. Re-sizing and all of that. Think photoshop simplified.

    Also, being able to make a small movie or animated clip would be cool. something like Serif Draw Plus. Slowly edit the picture in each frame to create a moving clip. That would be pretty cool.

    Being able to share your images is important, so why not create a place like the mii plaza, instead its like a big message board. People (friends) can post up their files on the board, and then other friends can view the contents by clicking the folder, and viewing the images inside.

    Wii Shop Channel:

    Pretty standard channel, doesnt really need improving. However i fell that nintendo isnt offering enough free ways to customize your wii. Say your playing zelda, the same old little logo and stuff comes up in the top left hand corner, where you click in order to play the game. well how about a whole range of new little avatar logo thingies to fill that space? Wouldnt it be cool if we could get different images to put there for different games? like a more exciting one for godfather or a more colourful one for zelda? For free, id love it.

    Nintendo should be offering more free stuff, so we can customize our wii in the way we like it. dont you think so?

    Forecast/News Channel:

    A very nice add on, with not alot worth changing. However, there is always room for improvement.

    Ever wondered what time it was is Tokyo? Or if its ok to call your cousin in Australia, incase hes sleeping? Being able to tell the time in other cities is a simple, yet very effective way to boost the forecast channel. This would also be very good for the News channel. Im sure people would like to see the news they are reading took place (how ever many hour ago) in that area.

    Everybody Votes Channel:

    Keeps me entertained for a few minutes, but it needs alot of work to be a big success. It has alot of potential, and i for one like it alot.

    We need MORE Questions. We get 2 or 3 every week...thats not alot at all. The time it takes to gather the results is longer than i expect. 2 days after the poll closed? I expect it the day after please :yesnod:

    Also different sections with more polls. A nintendo section to vote for your favourite games, or maybe what new types of games should be released, an FPS or Adventure?

    More Mature polls in another section, i ran into a poll that asked me weather i liked astrology....i knew what it was, but my 9 year old brother got confused. see what im saying? More polls + different sections - slow results = success.

    Internet Channel:

    New update coming up for this, the full version. from what ive heard it all looks good. However theres some points id like to make...

    Flash 9 would be a very nice touch, also shockwave would be good, because some flash games require this. Other various software that would make online easier would be great.

    Homepages. Id like to be able to create my own little homepage. sort of like myspace. This way people can visit my homepage, get to know a little about me, and also add my friend code. it would be a nice add on and a nice way to make new friends.

    Keyboards would be cool, the on screen keyboard is time consuming, although its quite quick once you get used to it, a keyboard especially for wii would be great.

    Future Channels:

    Demo channel: a place where yu can download up trailers and demos for upcoming games. Such as super paper mario or mortal kombat. that would be awesome.

    Virtual Console Channel: A channel you go to in order to play all the virtual games you downloaded, that would be much better, because having one channel per game can clutter up the wii channel homepage, and make it look a bit messy. You can choose the games you want to play from a list in the channel.

    *More to Come*

    Please give me your thoughts and ideas. Also new ideas for channels and improvement will be added to the list!

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