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Wii Shop channel COnnection

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Online' started by dracheva, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. dracheva

    dracheva WiiChat Member

    Dec 25, 2006
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    ok, ive search inthe forum, but i didnt se a similar porblem to the one i have, so heres the deal

    I have a 2Wire modem, this modem has wireless capabilites so i dont need a router

    since the day i got the Wii, i had problems locating the acces point, and to me thats werid because i have a psp and configurating the psp to acces mi 2wire modem was no big deal, so 5 minutes later of searching acces points an putting the modem like 3feet away from the wii i finally get the acces point of my modem, i type, o r should i say wiitype the wep, it tests the connection and failure again, ten minutes later the conneciton works, and all this time i was cheking the satuts on my internet connection.

    everything works like a charm, except the wii shiop channel, since the day the opera has being avaible for downoad, i havent being able to connect, first the wii sing for 5 minutes with the blue circle ting and after that the connecting please wait, FOR LIKE AN HOUR really and it doent change, it never connects and whily im doing this i check the conneciton status ofthe wii on the home page of the modem, and its connected...but it never get to the shop channel, soooooo any suggestions?:smilewinkgrin:

    ps, on the connectin.please wait... screen, y cant go home to the wi menu or anthign like it, so its like there for like an hour and i have to cut the electricity, becuase y cant turn off the console, HELP!!!

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