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WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008 Review

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by CantGetAWii, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. CantGetAWii

    CantGetAWii WiiChat Member

    Dec 22, 2006
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    Smackdown Vs Raw 2008

    Surely Mr. McMahon would not approve
    Ladies and Gentleman, prepare to enter the squared circle, that is if you want to enter it.

    Thats not a good thing to question either, with wrestling games you want to enter the squared circle, not question whether you do or not (unless of course you find yourself fighting a big guy).

    The game is not perfect, and not a lot of games are, but this game is a borderline renter.

    The Wii Version looks good, all the Wrestlers look great, great details were put into them. Animations of the Entrances are great (Ken Kennedy doing his normal routine in the ring, with a voice-over.) However the crowd looks very bad, sometimes you notice a fan or two without a shirt on for some reason, and he ends pub being as ripped as HHH is for some reason. All of the people have bobble heads, and square body parts. A bit more detail could have gone into them.

    If there was any question on the controls, there shouldn't be.
    Controls work wonders, and are very fun to use (Giving your opponent the HHH crotch chop never felt so good) . You do everything with remote gestures from Powerbomb's to the wrestler's finishers. (You even do HBK's kicking motions before he delivers the Sweet Chin Music, then you deliver it yourself.) Punching is done by simply swinging the remote in any direction, different directions will throw punches or kicks depending on who your Character is.

    Who's Fighting?
    Most of your favorites are here.
    Diva's range from Mickie James to Torrie Wilson. There's Umaga, Khali, HHH, HBK all the big names. Some are there that have been let go, which can't really be helped I guess, like Chris Masters and King Booker. Legends are ok, there's the Rock, Stone Cold and Bret Hart, along with Foley and Sabu.
    Other versions have different legends, like Eddie Guerrero, and Sgt. Slaughter.
    Would have been a welcome addition to the Wii version.

    Match types are where the game is really at fault. Developers left out Cage Matches, Hell In A Cell, Ladder, Tables, TLC etc. Matches you can participate in are Normal, Hardcore (with only chairs as weapons), K.O, Triple Threat, and Tag Team. Also, there is no online modes, so no 24/7 modes are available, there is no create-a-belt option, or create-a-stable etc., but the create-a-wrestler and moveset are pretty well done and fun to do. There is also a tournament mode where you can make King Of The Rings, and fastest matches etc.

    With no 24//7 mode or GM mode, what we are left with is a Main Event Mode.
    Work your way up from being a Jobber to a Main Eventer (similar to Day Of Reckoning for Gamecube in a sense). This mode gets boring fast, considering you only have the option to wrestle the same three wrestlers at first to build up your rep, then as you move on in ranks, more become available to fight.
    No storyline's though, just simply matches after matches, feels like consecutive play now matches. You have the option of changing from the brands after certain ranks, from Raw to Smackdown or to ECW and vice versa, but ECW show has only 6 wrestlers on it, so your better off being on Raw or Smackdown. Nothing on the side in this mode to keep you interested , and only incentive to keep playing this mode is to unlock different arena's and wrestlers like Mr. McMahon, and his son Shane for instance.

    The upside to this bad game is, its the first Wii Wrestling game.
    So I guess it can be considered a good first attempt, but if it was not left without many of the modes the other consoles got, it could have been much better. Hopefully next time around Yuke's realizes all this, and doesn't cut the Wii version short of good content.

    Presented pretty well, could use a touch of fixing up.

    Wrestlers look great, Wii is capable of pretty pictures.
    Except for those screaming at you, the fans don't look so hot.

    Kinda hard to judge this one, but all of the music for entrances of all the wrestlers is there, and is very nice. But the in game music could have been better, the tunes while waiting to set things up get repetitive.

    Limited Match types, and modes really hurt this game.
    Main Event mode is a stinker.

    Future Playability
    Controls are easy for people to use, so if your into the limited matches offered, playing with a friend can be quite fun. But Main Event Mode may leave you upset, and you may not even finish that let alone go back to it.
    There's really not much for you to go back to except maybe make more wrestlers, making em' as weird looking as possible may take away some of the blues.


    Don't put it on the Wish List kids, and if it is you may want to scratch her off.
    Renting is your safest bet, but even that may leave you feeling shafted.
    Die Hard wrestling fans may be disappointed, but if you really, really want a wrestling fix you may be able to stand this monstrosity.
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  2. T3kNi9e

    T3kNi9e Conquistador

    Dec 1, 2007
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    Augusta, GA
    This game got a 4.5/10 for Wii version at Gamespot. Its a given this game sucks unless your a wrestling fanboy.
  3. nic7

    nic7 Wiichat Member

    Aug 22, 2006
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    Iowa, America
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    Never planned on picking it up, but good review nonetheless.
  4. highroller

    highroller WiiChat Member

    Sep 23, 2007
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    I have the game and it is not bad, BUT they took the cage matches and some other special matches from the Wii version (PS3 and 360 got this special matches). I would describe it as "shallow"

    Controls are easy and responsive, and music is very good (entrances) with pyros etc etc

    But only have 5 matches:

    Tag team, singles, hardcore (best), three way dance and knockout (KO your opponent)

    If you like wrestling is ok
  5. zapasant

    zapasant Where is your god now?

    Aug 13, 2007
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    nice, thjanks for the review, will keep it in mind
  6. Thrash13

    Thrash13 WiiChat Member

    Oct 7, 2007
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    I'm a huge wrestling fan, and this is without a doubt the worst wrestling video game I've played in the last 8-10 years. The controls work ok, and the game looks ok, but there is no depth whatsoever. The longest match I had went about 2 minutes. I'm not asking for a true wrestling simulation, but this one is VERY shallow. Playing 2 minute match after 2 minute match gets very discouraging in a hurry.

    I haven't played it on PS2, but if I buy it, that will be the system. I'm glad I rented the Wii version because it stunk.

    That being said, the future of the Wii version could be very bright if they tweak the simulation engine a little bit. If they can get the matches up to 10-15 minutes, this game will be a keeper. It's just no fun playing short match after short match, especially with the absurd lack of match types.
  7. Budo

    Budo Raging Clue

    Sep 19, 2007
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    Nice review.

    I would have given more weight to gameplay/replayability though. Reading the review it sounded more like a 5.5-6.5 game.
  8. LevesqueIsKing

    LevesqueIsKing An Instant Classic

    Apr 4, 2007
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    I was expecting this. Effing loved the title!

    Thanks, Brandon.
  9. DBloke

    DBloke RIP and tea you say?
    Staff Member Moderator

    May 30, 2006
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    Super Mancyland
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    Can I play as Hornswagle or make a charicter like him (did make a miget in the older versions)

    Ill end up geting the 360 version anyway (sorry to say but the possablity of havein me (self made) coming out to for those about to rock (by ACDC) is way to tempting)

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