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You're invited to "SHOOTER'S SATURDAY" (just an 8, 12 or 16 player game)

Discussion in 'GoldenEye 007' started by Nervio, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Nervio

    Nervio WiiChat Member

    Feb 15, 2013
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    the West coast
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    Topic: shots from the 90's
    Date: Every Saturday (if enough players sign up for an event)
    Time: 6:00pm ~ 8:15pm (Pacific)
    Region: Private msgd to those interested - sorry but this will keep the toobers and mastyspammers away, and only those who are in it for the challenge.
    Btw, the theme names I came up with were meant to be sarcastic, not offensive (just
    clarifying), however the specific gadgets I listed below are to make a better challenge and everyone equal.
    This is not a tournament, just a little get together with other people.
    Themes will change by the week.
    Rules: No toobs, and only the gadgets specified in each theme.
    THEME 1: American gang-shootout
    Time: 6~6:45
    Mode: LTK
    Details: have fun! Sigmus and Melee’s ONLY.
    NO Secondaries, NO grenades.
    No gadget 2 -or- LF(if unlocked)
    Attachment: Sights -or- laser -or- silencer. Yeah...they didn't use attachments :p

    THEME 2: Mexican cartels (golden age)
    Time: 6:45~7:30
    Mode: B. Box
    Details: Just like Team conflict but ignore the box & this way we get ten minutes :)
    AK-47 (funfact: called a "Cuerno de chivo" by those guys)
    P99 (funfact: called an "Escuadra")
    YES Grenades, NO Melee`
    SS -or- LAOD
    Attachment: None (just like the way they used to). :p

    THEME 3: Mr. Grepztky the short-tempered neighbor
    Time: 7:30~8:15
    Mode: Classic C.
    Details: kill each other!
    weapons: SEGS, Wolf, Melee, grenades.
    BTW... NO gadgets here. (how’s that for a challenge?)
    PS: Suggestions, questions? Feel free to post (BUT no trolling).
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  2. TampaBondo

    TampaBondo Number 1 GE Wiimote User

    Dec 24, 2011
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    Cumberland, RI
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    Official GE time is EST for NTSC / British Tea time for PALs... I don't recognize this PST thing... :lol:

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