18+ Question for The Damn of It

Nov 25, 2009
East Coast
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Nope I wouldn't. For all I know that chick could have an STD. Or (god forbid) she could be a transvestite and you don't realize it till its too late. Plus I'm not a jerk and I wouldn't cheat anyways.


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Feb 28, 2010
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Nahh, I love my chick. So, even if I was itching that bad to do it, I wouldn't have ever grabbed the other chick to begin with.

That's true, you love her, and there is really something controversial about that. Because you're possibly saying that now, but if she made a move on you, you're not going to think about that in the moment, it's something that it's really hard to control in the moment..

Hm, a few years back I wasn't to engaged in relationships. I had more of a swinger lifestyle, I never considered myself to be there boyfriend, nor did I ever consider them my girlfriend. It made things a lot simpler, yet occasionally became very complicated. So going from person to person wasn't at all drama infested.

However, the person I'm currently with I completely consider myself there boyfriend. I've been with her for a little over a year now. I still go out with friends, drink, party, whatever and I sometimes get hit on, I've been very faithful. So I can 100% say I would avoid this conflict regardless.


The Scrubbiest of Hunters
Jan 25, 2009
Nimbasa City
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You go around grabbing random girls where I live, you'll get shot, but for sake of the example...

Can't say I wouldn't be tempted, but I'd have to opt for the awkward situation of a sudden "no". I wouldn't be so loyal a few years back, but I attempt to be faithful whenever possible. A little extra "playtime" isn't worth sacrificing a relationship.

That, and in the back of my mind, there's always been the "... STD?" thought for any random girl I've lured (or been allured to) for the horizontal monster mash. Can't say I wanna go out the way Al Capone did.


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Oct 29, 2009
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its another story if you end up getting her pregnant then you`ll be screwed btw im 15

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