1st Mario Strikers Tournament - 16 competitors


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Sep 5, 2007
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Hi Everyone.

Now Im taking the whole task doing this tournament since the other tread seems to be dead. So please keep always in touch.

This tournament will start as soon as we complete all the players, 16 in total.

1. No goalie camping
2. Best of 3 will win
3. Level 5
4. Classroom Field
5. First Matches you must agree on who is local and who is away.
6. For QuarterFinals, Semifinals, Championship , Local will be the player with better goal average, if deuce, Local will be the player with more goals, if deuce, Local will be the player with less goals against him.

In order to participate I will need this information
WiiChat Username, WiiName, MSC FC, valid email, Location, GMT , whom want to participate is very important to have it, wont participate if you dont give it.

Winners must report results throught this thread ,
Those persons that lost their games must verified the results too. This is very important so i can update the brackets.

Tourney Link
http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=260423&tclass=1st MarioStrikers Tournament

Best Luck!!!
enzorz (enter)

SantaClaws, you don't need wiiname but my mii is 'Nic', see sig, [email protected], Canada, Eastern Standard Time [it is 7:35 in GMT that is 0:35 a.m. tomorrow]
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youre right, I need your MSC name, lol.

By the way your in SantaClaws.
Brackets updated
jorgelink(not me), US Florida, Eastern time zone, Mii name 4 msc: Jorgelink, msc fc: 094595-995482. I'll keep posting 4 him until he gets unbanned which is on feb 19. His email: [email protected]
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King Lain, Xclick, laderer5 in

Bracket updated!!
laderer5 said:
im screwed im against Jorgelink :lol:

well according 2 him, u 2 had a match before and although he won he said it was a close match. But at the same it has been a long time, and he has gotten better, but u just have to practice and who knows what can happen.

Oh and i dont think u go against him cause hes #5 and u r #7, now if he goes on 2 the next round and if u do too, then u face each other.
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laderer, there isnt a match yet. The first 8 people who said yes will face it against the other 8 people. I found that more random than other method in order to setup the matches.