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Aug 31, 2007
I propose a NA tournament.
I will moderate this tournament.
The tournament will be single elimination.
The initial matchups will be randomly generated.

There will be 16 slots available initially unless there is demand for more, in which case we can try for more. (with the player(s) with the highest goals for to goals against ratio receiving a by to the next round)

The rules will be as follows:
1) Each match will be a best of 7 series. (you are allowed to forfeit after a few games if you do not want to drag it out)
2) Each game will be 3 minutes
3) Acceptable stadium choices are:
Galactic Stadium
The Vice
The Classroom
Bowser Stadium
The Battle Dome
Konga Coliseum
Crater Field
The Palace
Pipeline Central
The Underground

4) No VS. cheats
5) Each round will have 1 week to complete (this way we don't have to all be on the same schedule)
6) You are not allowed to have more than one of the same character. (ie No 2 Boos, 3 Dry Bones, etc...Just one of each)
7) Spamming is allowed (to balance out previous rule)
8) You must register and use the same team for the duration of the tournament. (i.e. Sign up your team as Petey, Koopa, Boo, and Dry Bones)
9) The eliminated player will post the results ASAP

I will make and post an updated bracket as spots get filled. I have a program to automatically create and update the bracket.
I will also post a list containing all players sign up data.

If you feel that I have forgotten something PLEASE include it in a reply.

Reply to this to sign up.
Please include the following:
1) Mii Name
2) Prefered Captain and your 3 Sidekicks (remember only one of each) + Alternate Captain
3) Friend Code
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Aug 31, 2007
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Mii Name - cRAm
Captain - DK, Petey
Side Kicks - Koopa, Shy Guy, Toad
FC - 390948 714548