64 roots


Jul 7, 2006
Wouldnt it be neat if nintendo went back to their 64 roots for the wii games. For example, remember the window in Oot where you could see mario characters in it? Well, what if they did something similar to that in TP? Or what if they stuck the princess slide from super mario 64 into SMG?
Arcadium said:
... where that happens in the OoT?
in the castle courtyard when you find Zelda look to your right when you just enter the area and theres Yoshi, Mario, Peach, and Bowser in the window
And On Twilight Princess, There Will Be 2 People Like Mario And Luigi Like On OoT
This is actually important, it shows that the developer put time into the game, they even spent the time to do little things like this for the gamer. Like a video game scavenger hunt:D

Like this, this is wut we're talking about! Courtesy of Zelda4Life: >CLICK HERE<
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