A couple of good news for wii call of duty owners!


Let There Be Rock
Oct 24, 2007
Wii Online Code
you know how we always complain about developers dont caring for us wii owners? well, a few weeks ago, we got double xp weekends and that was very welcome. Now, it seems, that they are taking care of annoyances in the game that people exploit. For example, before, you could get dogs with 7 kills and kill yourself and when you respawn, you unleash the dogs and they get you recon plane, artillery strike and more dogs and they was a big problem. When i was playing today, after getting dogs, i got killed and when i respaned and released teh hounds, they didnt get me recon planes, artillery strikes or anything so yeash, it seems that treyarch is updating.

other new is that according to ign forum, wii version has sold 0.87 k. thats not too shabby.
That's not an update. The dogs can still get you a 7-killstreak again, you just usually have to kill 3 people while the dogs are still out and get a recon plane first. Then the next 2 kills by the dogs will get you artillary and the two kills after that will get you dogs again.
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yeah thats wat i meant 870k.

as for the dogs, i didnt get recon planes and such with dog-kills.