A Couple Questions!!!


Aug 6, 2006
Ok, I've been wondering some things..
1. (Just thinking this would be cool) For Opera web broswer you should be able to go to Aim.com and use express right? I want to know if that would be possible.
2: The + and - sign next to Home on the Wiimote...WHAT ARE THEY FOR!?
3. With the limited storage memory on the Wii, how many Virutal Console games will you be able to have??
4. Dose anyone have Roundtable #171 from IGN about the Wii Launch? Possibly someone could put the video on Youtube then send me link or if it's all typed just copy and paste it?
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1. I don't know:p
2. + is Pause - is Select
3. You probably will be able to make an account online so you can store as many VC games as you want.
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Ohh, thanks, I just added #4 could someone awnser that?
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Thanks but the one I want is Roundtable #171 and it just came out a couple days ago.
1. same as stoukaph
2. select, start and move through the menu
3. like 12
4. same as u !
maybe + and - change volume of sound on wiimote. or maybe next (page) and last (page). Maybe sensitivity of motion sensors! I DUNNO!
Mr_Stoukaph said:
twelve? thats hardly any! where did you get this info?
That's not true.The Wii has 512MB of flash memory build into it and this storage space an be used, amongst other things, to store your Virtual Console games. In their original forms this memory would allow you to store in the region of 8 N64 games, 170 SNES, PC Engine or Genesis games or over 1,000 NES games. Modern compression techniques can make these games even smaller meaning that 512MB will be more than enough space. If you run out of internal memory space then you can save information on memory cards. Wii memory cards come in the form of SD cards simular to mobile phone memory cards. How much memory you want is entirely down to how much money you want to spend, but most people won't need huge cards so they won't spend much.

The source of all that info came from Official Nintendo Magizine (UK). So its reliable.
You can also get USB storage, so you can buy an external hard drive for the Wii if you really want space, the wifi may also allow you to store on your computer, frankly I like the flash memory and sd card storage better, it is faster then the harddrive.
I was thinking the + and - were for volume, turning pages of some sort or raising or lowering the sensitivity of the wiimote. Like m7ticalm.
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8 n64 games isnt a lot, okay i heard that you might have like an account that you access the game online, but then that means you have to have online to play them, for people who have to switch stuff, that might be hard.