A Crazy Number of Couples Divorce Over Video Games. So do we...


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Apr 28, 2022
When gamers cannot control their involvement, a range of marital issues arise. Here are some:
● Lack of socialization
● No relationship commitment
● Lost connection with children
● Financial troubles
Once you cross the line of video gaming turning from a hobby to a bad habit and addiction, expect your quality of life to decrease and your family relationships to worsen in the end.
Such a bad thing occurred to my marriage too, unfortunately. Although, I'm an adult I find games a great way to relax after a hard working day, as well as socialize with friends through online games. It's just funnier and somehow safer than hanging out somewhere in the city. But my wife cannot understand this at all, therefore we have numerous conflicts about this. I'm not saying I spend my whole free time playing. I tried to divide my time between everything, both virtual and real life. But it's just Jenny, she hates all this gaming stuff and can't understand me.
Thus we came to an uncontested divorce. We are going to file for divorce without a lawyer namely via an online divorce service at https://onlinedivorcer.com/washington-divorce-online. I think this service is a good alternative to a real lawyer if don't have much money and you are ready to work with your brains a bit.
Well, that's it. Gotta go. Thanks for reading it!