A CSI Game I made up

South Park

Dec 5, 2007
If this idea was already here then oh well.

This is a game as you can see. All you have to do is find who killed the person. I'll tell a little story then you guys guess who killed somebody. If you get it right you can tell the crime. When you know the answer answer it like: Person 1 (killed,drowned ,etc.) person 2 with _______ because ____
When you ask the crime pm me it(not the answer just the crime and suspects) and I'll edit the front page.


Luigi was walking to an item shop when Bowser's car came by and did a drive-by shooting. Mario just came back from beating bowser and saw all of wat happened. The doctors came but it was too late.. the strange thing was that luigi wasnt bleeding. Who killed him and why?

Bowser Jr.
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mario bashed bowser and stole his car, he went nuts and had a drive by, luigi dodged all the shots and then mario came out and choked him to death.....i hope i read the story right..thats my guess lol
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So far everybody was wrong.

The doctors and Bowser Jr. were found innocent.

Hint:Somebody was mad at luigi for not doing someething.
Mario wanted Luigi to get him some Pizza but Luigi was like "Get-a Yo Self, Brutha" and Mario got annoyed, so he went to beat up Bowser as a stress reliever and saw his brother making out with Princess Peach at Papa Mario's Pizza so he did stuff to him...
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Well still wrong. Luigi was doing nothing .

Hint: I just underlined why mario killed luigi
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RadNad said:
Hmm, because Luigi wasn't participating in Mario's games that much?

Well close enough,Luigi was just doing nothing so mario took bowser's car. but how did he kill Luigi is the last step to solving this crime! If anybody knows then put the answer in a sentence.

Ex: Mario killed luigi with a _____because______

Hint: Mario's ability.
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TortillaChip520 said:
fireball, because he could?

*Ding* Yes Fireball. Have you ever seen a mario game that mario makes people bleed with fireballs? No. So I guess you got it right.