Activision talks about the Nintendo Wii:


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Jul 21, 2006
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“This has always been a core focus and strategy and ours (developing for PS3)… we’re encouraged. We are starting to port elements from the 360 to the PlayStation 3, and also from current-gen platforms into Nintendo Wii.” - Activision executive


Bad news for Wii, seems that Activision doesnt really like the Wii, they seem to say that it's "current Gen" too bad then I suppose.

Hmm, fishy. The source doesn't look very reliable. I wouldn't wprry about it.
Lol, !panic, r u being serious? There is gonna be a new tony hawk for the wii.
Haha, ya. I just don't think like it looks like a site w/ the best and most trustiest info. If this is true then my name ain't ssbb_lover(which it isn't in real life so i've got nothin to lose:D)
I think if any developers pick up Wii development, at first they might be like oh well we'll make games for it but the graphics are not as good as ps3/360 so we won't spend a lot of time on it. But then they get the cool awesomeness of the Wii unleashed and find out that, wow games are better when focused on fun then on graphics and change their pace. Even Sony and Microsoft reps at E3 stated the Wii was a good console, probably thought at the time they had nothing to worry about, but now I think Wii has them very worried with all the good feature/ points it arises. Making games fun but still challanging, keeping money in your pockets so you can get more use out of the system by getting more games, and the biggest, finally bringing something new to the table with the motion sensors that work, and work very well.
I have heard other places that activision is head on for Wii right now, same as EA, Ubisoft and Midway, all big 3rd party names.
Ya, all the news i've heard about this topic is about game developers asking nintendo if they can add there games to be sponsored by the wii. All of them r excited about this wiimote that might be the perfect touch to add to their games.

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