anyone else looking forward to mp3 corruption?


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May 15, 2006
I think that corruption is one of the most promising new titles for the revo... wii (sorry, i'm still a bit iffy about the name). The graphics are superb and it promises new moves. I think that it will be better than halo 3 (it's spiritual competitor, in my opinion). in my opinion, mp1 and mp1 beat halo 1 and 2 by far. they were better games. anyone agree? mp3 will be BIG. =:lol:
can't really compare mp to halo bc i didn't get around to playing halo much....but the mp are awesome and the third sounds even better bc of the new controls
Yeah the new controls should make this FPS interesting. I've played the first Metroid Prime but not Hunters. The games graphics slightly differ but it already looks great and wii all know its more about the gameplay!
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I don't know but I heard that there are four different visors and you can tap into this like rage mode and if you play it right can be in it all thruoghout levels. [ It like increases fire power and missles]
Napalmbrain said:
Apparently you'll be able to use the grapple hook to steal enemy shields using the nunchaku.

Did you say grapple hook? Is it going to be somewhat like the hook shot use in the Zelda game's?
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Jesse said:
Did you say grapple hook? Is it going to be somewhat like the hook shot use in the Zelda game's?

Napalmbrain said:
Sounds like it. It seems it can also be used to grab items and open locked doors too.

I like the sound of that.
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lol i would get carried away with a grapple hook, ill accedently throw the wiimote at the screen thinkin it rili was a grapple hook.
actually its nothing new to the series, its actually the standard grapple beam from the other metroid prime games only this time they are making it more useful, i too saw the part about the enemies shields, but instead of actually stealing them (ie taking and using) it was talking about space pirates with shields, to kill them you first have to grapple beam the shield away from them before you can shoot them
It's going to be awesome, never before will "Wii" have felt so much in our charaters' shoes (in any of the fp games). Although, having only played MP: Hunters on DS, I must say that all the different modes and tools sound very complicated, I have a hard enough time with only two visors and no tools (like the hook)