At The End


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Aug 30, 2014
St. Paul, MN
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Well, at the Final Chapter of Giants. Not near done; I've gotten two stars on quite a few chapters, but not all. I don't even intend to try and get all three because there is no way I can get through a chapter in like 5 minutes! I'm too old for that. LOL!

I've been playing like 10 hours a day. But have taken breaks and switched off to watching TV sometimes. I really enjoy playing with my little Skylanders.

I've Swap Force to play yet - got at least one of each Element Swaper-guy and the new Skylanders is out this month. I preordered that. Never did that before, or sleep outside a Best Buy for something, and so it was kind'a neat. What a nut case I am! :rolleyes:

Got Nin-Jini upgraded 100%. That was a fun accomplishment. Didn't know until like 1/2 way through the game the non-Giants could be upgraded. There's a lot to this game and you can have different achievement goals. By no means is getting to the end the end. There's lots of stuff to do!

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