Avy size is WAY too small...

Ah yea, its cos you're in a different usergroup.

Altered the size to match everyone elses :)
Usergroups and as you'd image 'groups of users'

for example moderator is a usergroup, registered is a usergroup.

Thats all, nothing to get excited about :)
Hmm... in my opinoin 80 x 80 is still too small. The average size for avy's at forums are usually 100 x 100. Any chance of that happening? :)
MetroidZ said:
nah, i think 80 x 80 is fine; its just an avatar. if u want something bigger use a signature. and i've seen many forums with 80 x 80.

I disagree :(

And square images in your sig make it look noob and ugly, so eh, scratch that idea. 100 x 100 is just much better when it comes to avy size as images don't look so pixelized.