Big games, and games you immediately liked


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Feb 6, 2009
2 questions to the forum:

-What are the big games (by big i mean games like zelda, super mario, gta, final fantasy. Using a sports analogy: real madrid, boston celtics) on the wii?

-What was the game you loved from the minute you started playing?
Usually it takes some time to get used to the game. For example, every final fantasy game i played took me 1-2h to get used to it, and a couple of hours more to start enjoying it.
Super mario galaxy is an example of a game i immediately loved.

i would say mario kart. but at first. i hated it. i hated the wheel. Then I started using the gamecube controller. then i loved it
so the one game i LOVED from when i first started playing was prob gh world tour OR super mario sluggers.
prob sluggers cause i had already played GH before world tour :yesnod:

and for your big games question there is obviously mario kart, super mario galaxy, zelda twilight princess. guitar hero
those are the only ones that pop off the top of my head :]
To be honest i'd say that the big games (not necessarily the best) are Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Mario Kart and Mario Galaxy. They are games that really sell the system.

The game that totally sucked me in from the moment I started playing it was Metroid Prime 3. Just loved that game.

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