Big News! (Or Rumor)


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Jun 8, 2006
Here's something I came across by a friend that I thought was my duty to show you. Read on..

These were originally on Nintendo's forums but were quickly deleted.

-First off let me say that the full scope of the Wii controller details has yet to be revealed by PixArt and Nintendo. Although I cannot elaborate any further let me say that the Nintendo should show that the movement in 3D space will allow experiences outside of just the TV screen. And its not 3D projection related.

-The official launch date has yet to be set in stone but will indeed launch before Sony’s PS3.

-Ironically enough, the first game that will be shown to the public that demonstrates the full scope of Wii controller potential will be Dragonball Z Budokai 4.

-When Nintendo first showed the controller at Tokyo Game Show late 2005 they were very hesitant to show it full usage. I will allow one more clue to my finding that the Wii controller can function exactly as we all have seen demonstrated WITHOUT the sensor bar. So ask yourselves, why need a sensor bar?

-The sensor bar was in all actuality in no use at E3 2006. What is will allow hasn’t been shown yet.

-According to people who are working close to everyday events at Nintendo R&D, Nintendo Wii specifications were far and away developed solely for that machine.

-IBM and ATI have been working on Broadway and Hollywood for quite some time now. And according to many people Wii’s specs could go up or down at this point in the CPU/VPU departments. Apparently Nintendo has spent quite a lot of money having IBM and ATI fabricate many iterations of Broadway and Hollywood. Which range from a 3.4GHz-730MHz Broadway CPUs, and 1.2GHz-553MHz custom ATI/Nintendo Hollywood VPU. From what we hear Hollywood is key to the Wii’s power. The architecture is all about eliminating bottlenecks and maximizing performance, upgrade of the CPU with the slight downgrade of the graphics processor compliments this philosophy, striking a great balance for Wii. However, it was also indicated that since Hollywood is a truly extreme “Flipper II” and Broadway is a massively upgraded “Gekko II” at least in architecture. That early on Nintendo R&D took a good look at what GameCube did good and what it could have done better. It was mentioned that GameCube’s Flipper was an extremely powerful chip far more capable than even the Xbox’s. The Gekko design meant for balance, though was not able to support but about 50% of the ArtX’s Flipper’s power. This particular bottleneck has been ironed out allowing Broadway to fully complement Hollywood to its maximum potential and vise-versa. The initial estimates we got concerning final hardware spec was Broadway at around 1.5GHz and Hollywood at 555MHz.

-There is also word that Nintendo in private sessions has big plans for the Wii headset. Talk is, that Nintendo wants to lean away from having the headset only for online capability. They are wanting to go further. Having the headset of course include a microphone for use in games is a given. But there was also talk of a late to launch release of this “gyroscopic headset” that would be supported by the sensor bar as well. To sum up the theory we were privy to. The headset would be somewhat sensitive to movement that could be translated into the game. Such as if you get up and move to the right of your television something might correspond for that in the game. Such as dodging things, looking around corners etc. It was also mentioned that it might have a unique look and non-obstructive lightweight design.

-Our latest discovery concerning Wii software is that developer Nibris (Raid Over the River, Sadness) has received Wii development kits and has partnered with publisher Majesco.
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This news could very well be true! After all, we have known for quite some time that Nintendo still has secrets about Wii in hiding. Let me know what you think! ^_^
hmmmmm.... interesting
That sensor bar thing if it wasn't in use then... what the hell!!. Seems a bit iffy to me, i don't know wether its legite or not its all so confusing all this people giving of wrong info and leading us astray. Personaly I don't beleive much anymore unless it comes straight from the sources (nintendo) mouth

Not trick just misleeding, its getting all confusing now with nintendo not saying much its like someone says something as a joke and people are all over it and are spreading rumours and saying ther facts and stuff its hard to beleive much
This is interesting information and I think the game they're talking about Dragonball Z Budakai Tenkaichi 2. I saw the video of the game play for that and it was awesome.
so we are probably getting a headset which also means that most games will be online ... nice. im not certain about the sensor bar either ... if it wasn't in use, how was the wiimote working?
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Ah, but there's also the point that this article claims it was posted on the Nintendo forums before being taken off in the blink of an eye. There's obviously something going on! As for the sensor bar, it could be used for something else, say..the headset? This article suggests that the motion sensor is in the Wii itself (I think), so there can still be a use for the motion sensor bar. There's many things to discuss with this article. Another one would be about Hollywood and Broadway.
the sensor bar has to be used for the position of the controller becuase how else would it know where your pointing the controller? i call BS on this one. however we wont know whats truth and whats fake untill A) Nintendo releases more info or B) when we get out hands on one of the greatest systems (not to mention revolutionary) this world has ever seen.
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No, the sensor bar does not have to be used with the controller. Nintendo could have thought up something else and led us to believe that way. But yes, we still don't know.
... I agree with Homicidal_Gamer, they are just rumours, and we have to be pretty sure to post but anyway I like the information
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No, I don't have be sure if it's a rumor or not if I want to post it. However, I have to give warning about it not being true. The title is enough to let you know that this could be a rumor. But instead of focusing on whether it's a load of bull dust or not, we should be talking about the information in the article. This could be valuable information.
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You have to admit that the headset is a pretty nifty idea!

Talk is, that Nintendo wants to lean away from having the headset only for online capability. They are wanting to go further.

And we all thought the Wiimote was innovative? If this piece of information is true, the Wiimote and Wii headset could walk hand-in-hand!

Here is another rumor that supports the one above (and more):