Call of duty 3 to have no online play


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Aug 22, 2006
Iowa, America
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One of the things i was most looking forward to was the online call of duty 3 play for the wii.(the 360 and ps3 will have 24 player) i recently found out that the wii will only 16 player online play with bothered me but i didnt mind to much but than i heard it wont supply any online gaming at all! so i was wondering will this stop anyone from getting this game or even possibly getting a wii?
It is just one game it won't stop people from buying the Wii plus I sincerly doubht that Call of Duty 3 will have no online play all of the call of dutys have online plays so this one most definely will feature online play
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i think game informer is pretty reliable, and the update, not once mentions rumor

ofcourse i dont know maybe it is just rumor, but i would deffinately suck for no online play for cod3
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yeah, im honestly considering getting a 360 too, just so i can play online on this game.
OMG!! Right before i came on here i read that no Third-Party Wii games will have online until early 2007, im going to start a thread! Check it out!!
Ah this is a big disappointment, i heard a few rumours about a 16 player wifi feature was hoping it would be confirmed :(
i also read the thread about no 3rd party online, which reli sucks, cod3, red steel..........but wait

SMASH BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

even if i did have cod3 i wud be on smash brothers like non-stop so im not too bothered, aslong as theres a good fps in early 2007