Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex Friend Codes

i would like to play with friends

hey guys and gals i also got the cod game for the wii and i thought that it would be fun to go against other people in private matches so hey hit me up at [email protected] and here is my friend code


i have added most of you to my friend list but i havent givin u my fc so please add me:yesnod::papermario::biggrin5::bacon:
hey everyone i play cod mwr wii my name is ^2TR1GG3R ADD ME PLEASE MY FRIEND CODE IS : 363912913540 POST OR SEND ME YOURS THANKS.:yesnod:
Please please please add me!!! I have added everyone else on this page. I am on most of the day. Modern warfare reflex code: 4195-5507-0455. Reply to this thread if u add me pls!!!
Mw:r fc

hey guys, my profile name is Durza. My fc is 149805550553. Please add me and reply to me with your fc. I've added most of the people on this page. thanks
add me cuz i have added who posted their FC
My FC: 334196403928
i play mwr all the time but have no friends:frown5:
ill add any1:wink::bacon: lets play together:papermario:

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