Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex Friend Codes

my name on modern warfare is yamommma and my friend code is 115472742751 do you still play modern warfare ?
Ok guys can you add me? My name is Mugetsu and my friend code is 491242363150.Tell me if you added me and say your friend code too.:wink:
hey every one if you want my fc here it is 051462458560
if you add me please send me a pm really just send me a pm:yesnod::papermario::lovewii:
Hiya people :)
Not sure if this board is very active, but I am looking for active players to add to my fc list, my ign is bostonjen~yt (you can also find me on youtube, i record some gameplay!)
my fc is 2498-2302-5721
If you're gonna add me, please be so kind as to either pm me here or email me at mom2kaynlissa at and let me know. Thanks a bunch!
my wii code is 4454-3300-5768-3246 my wii consoles name is Physcho and my call of duty modern warfare code is 5494-3406-4667 and my name is Master Chief
hey dark i got black ops my name on it is[FTW]Anderson so hey look me up or just look for me on black ops:yesnod:

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