Carnival Sold OUT in my area


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Sep 4, 2007
Manchester, Maryland, USA
Carnival - released last week - is sold out in my entire area. I couldn't get out last week - I had a couple of bad days (I'm retired on a disability and this happens every so often), so I went out to get Carnival Sunday.

Everywhere I went in my area it was Sold Out! :yikes:

Yesterday I broadened my search area - still Sold OUT! :yikes: :

Online it's sold out at and

I know that it received great ratings, but....

Is it sold out in your areas too??

Has any other games sold out this fast before?

I wanted a copy, but now I'm going to have to wait. Oh, well, Been there, done that before :arf:

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May 17, 2007
Calfornia, USA
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hmm...nope..i got one for my nephews birthday 4 copies left...:lol:


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Aug 28, 2007
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wow i didnt expect the game to sell like that.


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Jul 21, 2007
I'm amazed that it's selling out... I wonder if the demand is really that high, or if they just didn't ship many copies? I mean it's getting good reviews and all, but with solid games rolling out between now and christmas, another minigame compilation isn't high on my list of must haves.


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Feb 20, 2007
Buffalo NY
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lol my walmart has like 30 copies in stock and MP3.
My sotres dont usually get game droughts so im safe.:cool:


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Oct 22, 2006

Yea I looked once. Never looked back at it.
For a good reason I thought:scared:
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Jul 25, 2007
Around Chicago
wario2ooo said:
hmm...nope..i got one for my nephews birthday 4 copies left...:lol:
Nephew?!? Wario how old are you? or maybe your older brother has a kid?

Carnival games doesn't interest me either, EA playground looks a bit better but...idk


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Sep 4, 2007
Manchester, Maryland, USA
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I got Carnival - my thoughts

Last Friday I had to go to a Doctor's appointment 35 miles from where I live. So I stopped in a Walmart down there. It's kind of a less affluent area then where I live, so I hoped they'd have a good supple of Wii games.

When I finally found their area I was right, they had two full display cases of Wii games, plus Wii consoles! And they had all the latest games including Carnival.

I did buy it and began to play it when I got home. It is kind of fun - but not as fun as Mario Party 8.

It's a Carnival - where you can play as one player - one player only - you don't play against computer generated characters.

You can create different characters - from templates for a Boy, Girl, Man or Woman. Most of the characters you can create are your simple typical carnival goers.

You know the kind - goofy outfits, goofy hats

- such as Mexican Somberos, Chicken crest, Fez hat. You can wear masks, like a Robot mask, or feather mask.

Some of the more unusual items you have to unlock by doing certain things in the games or by clicking on something in each main street screen.

Things like a Monkey wearing a Fex hat, a flying saucer, a praire dog.

Some articles of clothing or hats or shoes etc, you have to purchase with tickets. You earn tickets each time you play a game.

If you win first place, you win 10 tickets, if you win second place, you win 6 tickets, if third, you win 3, and if you don't win, you get 1 ticket.

Tickets also allow you to play different games on each main street screen. Games like Fortune Teller, The Claw, stuff like that.

The games are your typical old and current day Carnival Games. Most brought back pleasant (and unpleasant) memories.

Games where you
throw the softball into the Bushel Basket and keep it in the basket.

throw the basketball into, and through the hoop

throw the baseball at the three milk bottles to knock them all over with one hit.

throw the baseball at the fuzzy voodoo dolls to knock them over.

drop three circles onto a red circle to cover it up completely.

Shooting gallery.

Shoot the BB Gun with 300 shots to completely knock out the red star.

Move the electrified round wand over the electrified wavy wire from one side to the other.

Push the bowling ball over the rail so it will say in the middle dip and not go over the next hump.

throw darts at balloons (difficult to do with remote)

throw the football through the moving tire so it goes through and through the tire behind it. (impossible!)

Water Balloon race - shoot water into clowns mouth, so balloon fills up - first one to pop balloon wins.

Dunk the Clown - throw the ball at the target and if you hit it, the clown's seat collapses and he gets dunked in water.

Horse Race - group of people roll balls down alley into holes, horse up above advance according to number on alley hole, keep doing this until one horse wins first, then continues until your horse comes in. be it last or not.

Skee-ball - roll 6 balls one at a time down alley to land in rings - with scores 10 to 50 in center. But this game has extras - 100s in each upper corner - you need to bank the ball to get it in there.

Ring Toss - throw rings on bottles to win prizes.

Plate coin toss - toss coins so they'll stay on a plate.

Cup toss - throw balls so they'll land in colored cups. certain colors are prize cups.

Power Tower - Slam the mallet against the target sending weight upwards towards the bell. Stronger the hit, the more likelyhood it will hit the bell (difficult).

Squirrel Catch - squirrel holds basket under peg board. nuts fall down peg board bouncing all ways - you move squirrel so he'll catch nuts to gain points.

There's a lot of unlocking prizes and unlocking articles of clothing. You unlock items by getting all the prizes under one game - or by getting special hits in the games. Sometimes you'll open up special games - like super races, or super ring toss - those games don't have you winning prizes, but have you set records.

I'm having fun with it by playing alone. But this is really a family game or a party game. You need at least two people to have a go at it. Then you'll make it interesting.

For me playing it alone, well since I'm not playing against computer characters, I'm not sure how long it will be before I begin to get bored. Know what I mean?

That's why I think this is a party game. A true party game for 2 or more players.



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May 23, 2007
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Wow that game doesn't sound all that fun, MP8 sounds much better, but I am partial to MP games. I can't believe it sold out, I mean I live in a highly populated area and my best buy wasn't even sold out of it.


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Mar 2, 2007
North Dakota (Yawn)
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My best buy didn't have this or Prime 3. This doesn't look that fun and playing them in real life isn't fun either. They should have a token fall :p then I'd buy it.