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Aug 30, 2006
Look, i made this thread cause i think cloud would be one of the best characters in ssbb. There is a possiblity that cloud could be in ssbb cause you all know that Final Fantasy is not a 3rd party game, it started out on nintendo (like ssbb) and you know that the costume snakes wearing isn't from MGS1 the costume is from MGS2, so there might be a slim chance that cloud gets in ssbb, i think if they put cloud in more people would want to buy ssbb.

Here are some pics of cloud:

Costume 1:

Costume 2:

Costume 3:

Here are some Videos:

Cloud Strife's Move Set:

Entrance: Cloud rides in on his bike.
Pic of cloud's bike:

Victory music: (when you beat Adventure, Classic and All Star) The main theme of Final Fantasy
(If anyone wants to listen to more final fantasy music go to this link:

After every battle you win music:
Click this link to listen:

Taunt: He yells out "Stay where you belong; in my memories"

Chant: "Cloud Cloud Cloud"

A: Sword Slash (He gets his sword & slashes you) 11%

A+^: Air stab (He gets his sword & stabs it in the air) like Roy. 15-27%

A+</>: Sword Slam (He raises his sword in the air & slams them down into the ground) 18-25%

A+v: Second Sword (Cloud gets another sword out of his six piece sword. Cloud can take out any sword from his six piece sword. Press A+v again to put sword away) takes 2% of every attack but is faster.

B: Charge Slash (He charges up his sword and slashes) 6-35%

B+^: Blue Energy Jump (Like from the movie how he gets pushed up and how he gets the blue energy around him. If that made scence :)) 10% if it hits you
Here is a video of it:

B+</>: Slide Cut (He slides across like fox but it's slower and cloud slices you as he goes across) 9%

B+v: Energy Charge (Cloud charges up his blue energy) Adds 5% damage to each attack.

Z: Choke (He grabs you with Press A to Choke someone) 4% each choke

Z+^: Hit up (He grabs you & lets you drop and punches you up) 6%

Z+</>: Side Kick (He grabs you and kicks you to the side) 8%

Z+v: Ground Slam (He grabs you jumps up and slams you to the ground) 10%

Extreme attack: Omnislash Version 5 (This is how he beat Sephiroth, what this attack does is cloud charges up his blue energy and he throws his sword up in the air and the pieces of the sword start floating around you, then cloud will jump up and slash you with all his swords that are floating by dashing across) 60%

Info about Cloud's weapon:

Name: First sword/six piece sword

Description: All together the sword contains 6 blades. It looks alot like the Buster Sword hence the name first sword.


Strength: 6/10
Speed: 6/10
Weight: 4/10
Jump: 7/10
Type: Swordsman
Fall Rate: Medium
Job: Delivery boy, Ex-SOLDIER
Weapon: First sword/six piece sword
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Did you read my post, no he hasn't but there might be a slim chance because the suit snake is wearing is from ps2, so why can't cloud go into ssbb.