ssbb new character (trace) not true.


Darkness Within!!!!!!!!!
Aug 30, 2006
Here are some pics of trace:




Sorry about how big this pic is.

Here are some videos of trace: prime hunters trace
The trailer was the best i could find.

Trace's move set:

Taunt: Trace screams.

Entrance: (He crawls onto the stage)

A: Slash: (He slashes you with his claw) 9%

A+^: Air Stab (He stabs his claw in the air) 8-17%

A+</>: 3 Step Side Slash (First he slashes you with his claw, then hits you up with an uppercut and then he stabs you up in the air with his claw. You have to press A+</> 3 times for the move to work properly) 10-19%

A+v: Claw Uppercut (He hits you up with his claw) 6-15%

B: Imperalist Shot: (He shoots you with his gun. Hold B to charge up the bullet) 6-19%

B+^: Blast Jump: (He shoots a missile under him and he gets blasted into the direction of the stage) if someone gets hit by it: 9%

B+</>: Missile: (He fires a missile) 10%

B+v: Transform Triskelion: (He transforms into the Triskelion and you press A to jump at them) Triskelion Jump: 5%

Z: Smack (He grabs you the smacks you. Press A to smack) 3%

Z+^: Air Stab (He grabs you and throws you up, then stabs you in the air) 9%

Z+</>: Side Slash (He grabs you and slashes you) 7%

Z+v: Ground slam (He grabs you and slams you to the ground) 10%

Trace's Stats

Strenght: 5/10
Weight: 2/10
Speed: 8/10
Jump: 7/10
Type: Alien Bounty hunter
Falling time: Slow
I Think He SHould Use His Imperialist IN His Throws Like Fox And His Blaster...