New Character: Solidus Snake


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Aug 30, 2006
Character: Solidus Snake

Solidus Snake:

Heres some pics of Solidus Snake:








Here are some Videos: Gear Solid 2 Gear Solid 2 - Solidus vs Raiden

Solidus Snake's Move Set:

Entrance: A Harrier (Fighter Jet) Flies in and hovers over the stage & Solidus Jumps out of the c0ckpit, then the Harrier flies away.

Victory music: (The victory music will be from the MGS2 intro)
Download the solidus' Victory music @ this link:

Taunt: He yells out "HA HA HA !!" or
"I'll drown you fools for interfering !!!"

Chant: "Solidus 'clap' 'clap' 'clap' "

A: Sword Slash (He gets both his swords & slashes you) 11%

A+^: Air stab (He gets his swords & stabs them in the air) like Roy. 15-27%

A+</>: Sword Slam (He raises his swords in the air & slams them down into the ground) 16-32%

A+v: Energy Charge (He charges up this blue energy & it goes around his swords) Adds 5% damage to each attack

B: Missiles (He shoots 2 missiles out of his tentacle things) 5% each missile

B+^: Missile jump (He shoots a missile under himself and it blows up & he gets sent into the direction of the stage) if it hits someone 10%

B+</>: Fire Slide Upper Cut (He slides across like fox but a trail of fire follows behind him & when he gets near a person he hits them up like ganondorf) The fire trail: 2% last for 10 seconds
The upper cut 25%

B+v: Counter Attack (Just like Roy & Marth he stands with his swords lowered and when a person hits you the counter attack kicks in and hits them back.) 20% -1% each use.

Z: Choke (He grabs you with his tentacles Press A to Choke someone) 4% each choke

Z+^: Hit up (He grabs you with his tentacles & lets you drop and punches you up) 6%

Z+</>: Tentacle Side Slam (He grabs you his tentacles, spins you around & slams you to the ground) 8%

Z+v: Ground Slam (He grabs you with his tentacles, jumps up and slams you to the ground) 10%

Extreme attack: Harrier Cluster Missiles (Solidus jumps in the Harrier and the harrier flies up really high above the stage and releases 10 cluster missiles and after the explosion dies down Solidus jumps out of the harrier) 50%


Strength: 8/10
Speed: 5/10
Weight: 7/10
Jump: 6/10
Type: Swordsman
Fall Rate: Medium

I know Solidus hasen't been on a Nintendo console but I DON"T CARE!!!, i think he would be a good character.
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I don't know, i just made him because i thought he would be a good character in SSBB.
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We are 2 different people, just because i got some ideas of ganon on how to write a character move set doesn't make us the same person.
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Well how about, HELL NO!!!!! if snake is in the game why not? and i know snake's been with nintendo from the start but Solidus would be really good.
ganondorf234 said:
yeah but its a no for me.
WTF dude! You are so queer, u make up all your queer characters and they suck and you want everyone to like them, and then this guy makes one with some hard effort and your like all JIGGLYPUFF on him!
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@ganondorf234 For you maybe but not for me and i don't understand what your problem is, Solidus is completly different from snake it's not like he's a clone or something.

@ m7ticalm: LMAO