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Jun 30, 2006
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maybe in the top right (the blank spot) there could be a "collage" of different Nintendo characters, but the main ones: Link, Mario, DK, Samus...I don't know, maybe it's might mess with the clean and simple look and color scheme of the website...which I enjoy, it's easy to navigate.
hes talking about the banner of the forum, how the right corner has nothing and hes proposing a few characters be put there. Tho a good idea it may "crowd" the banner a bit too much.
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maybe just a little mario, it would fit the color scheme and he's the official mascot and poster boy for nintendo.

dwaltin got my idea, sorry it was confusing.
Yea or they could put a mushroom or something like that. I mean the mushroom is what makes mario mario. You know what I mean?
I don't know; could use a change. This whole site is about Wii, but the only part of the banner that shows that is that weird Wiimote. It's unique, yes, but perhaps somthing more representative of what we're all talking about, all the time? Not just a pic from google, but some PhotoShop creation. Maybe, and I just wanna state, I don't really care about the banner this much, there could be a place on this site where we could all contribute to some big collage, like Dav_4550 suggested?

Just throwing out ideas:)