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i0n said:
Agreed the RPG system needs an overhaul. There wasnt that much of a guide to accompany it so it was a little tricky initially.

I'll spend a few hours this weekend and get all the settings sorted out.

As for the forum design, yea i completely agree - it was only meant as a temporary design.

Im currently waiting on a few new mockup logos from a designer then i can send them to another designer to work on the forum skin.

All in all should be upa nd running within 14 days.

Im in the middle of writing the design proposal now so any ideas you guys have are greatly appreciated.
U'r so awsome:drool::drool:........haha, seriously, I knew that once u got most of all the basic stuff to make the site good internally, I knew u'd be working on the visuals soon enough:p

3 CHEERS FOR i0n!!!:lol: