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Apr 28, 2009
My Grandaughter has a Wii with various games I guess stored on it.

Fed up with moving my TV rejigging the plugs / cables evey week when she stays with us > I have bought a wii. Is there any way I can- copy her saved games.( I understand I will need her disks ) so the she can play from the same point or will she have to "run" two sets of games on the differnt Wii`s?:nonod:
Having seen an answer to another question ( why wont some games back up scores etc to SD cards)
can I copy from one wii to another via the USB? if so how ?
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That I can do - in fact I have copied them already. However the two she is really in to are - hope I have the right names are animal crossing (-something city) & Mariocart. Both are Wifi - I think. So can`t be put on SD card hence the question. No I don`t have Wifi to my wii have modem on Pc & its at least 30ft to it. & I really do not want to switch it off connect ( if I could find a long enough cable) reboot etc .
even if these are on line the machine will still save to it's own memory. the only thing she won't be able to do is play on line but she can still play the game.
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Sorry I am not making myself clear,
please bear with me.
She has her for want of a better word scores on her wii. What I would like to do is save them & therefore add to them on an other Wii.
As far as I can tell I can not save these "scores" on an SD card.
I guess the answer is no - but is there a way the I can by wire( USB?) send the memory to the other wii? - ie I can put the 2 wii side by side.
I can see both on one TV ( split screen) . So that not a problem

the only way you can transfer memory is via sd card, a usb flash drive is not compatible and there is no wire sorry
She has her for want of a better word scores on her wii. What I would like to do is save them & therefore add to them on an other Wii.

Yeah... The save files. I think I know what you mean.

IFAIK, transferring save files from one Wii to another has been blocked for any games that use on-line play (WiFi in Nintendo-speak.) So on that account, I think you are blocked. (I think both games you mentioned feature on-line play.)

I switch our Wii between two TVs in the house and have purchased an extra set of cables, power supply and sensor bar. That minimizes the pain of moving the Wii data. Just carry the console itself. At least the cables remain in place.

You can find that stuff on Amazon relatively cheap. (For cables, check out too.) Only issue is finding the stuff you want from the same vendor to minimize shipping.

Then when she's not around, you need to find decent games you can enjoy. I think Guitar Hero World Tour is on sale. :D (Another one you can't copy saves on . :( )

↑hes right. any game with online play does not allow file transfers. Mariokart and Animal Crossing(you were thinking City Folk) both have online features so they can't be copied.
You also need the SD card menu( you get it as an update if you have wi-fi) in order to take it from wii to wii. (both wii's must have this feature)
no you don't. go to settings, wii system memory(i think thats what its called. the one on the left), wii data. then you can copy/delete anything on the wii's memory and on the SD card memory.

the new update makes it easier but it's possible to do it without the update
Oh right
I forgot about that part
Sorry for the mix up.
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