I will eat you babies!
May 27, 2006
*Clever answer*
This game is really fun if you do it the right way.

Here's what you do: Someone will post a wish, then the next person will turn the wish into something bad.

Example: I wish I had a dollar.

Next person: You get a dollar but the dollar makes you spontaneously combust as soon as you touch it. Make your two seconds left of your life worth it.

Then, that person makes a wish. Get it?


- At least 1-2 lines of text for your corruption.
- Wait for 2 people to post after you post.
- Make something worth reading. Nothing like "I wish for a pony. Next Person: You don't get one.". It just isn't funny after you see 45 posts out of 50 being that.
- Be orriginal, that means don't say something already said 10 times.
- Have fun.

I wish I had a Wii right now.
Once you get your Wii you actually realize its a portal to a demension of pain and suffering. You get sucked into the realm for all eternity.

I wish I had a lightsaber
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I guess I'll make myself an exception. >_>

You get a lightsaber. Unfortunately, it was a half keyblade half lightsaber. Which means that you will be attacked by the heartless everytime you are close to it. I 'll give you 1 week without sleep.

I wish for pasta.
you get your pasta but once you start eating it you realize it is actualy worms and the sauce is blood.

i wish for a fish
you soon get your fish but it was poisened by a readioactive river then it grows 5 feet and eats all you food.

i wish for a ps3
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You get one. But you get punched in the guts several times over because you said that on a Wii forum. And maybe a few kicks on the nutsack. It must be great playing PS3 while shaking on the floor with you hands between your legs.

I wish I knew the whole Xombie storyline.
You discover it, but it is so horrible it makes you commit suicide.

I wish I could have some funnel cake.
You get the cake, but then realised a funnel spider was nesting in it while you were eating. It bites you, you die, go frothy then turn into a zombie ( a ganado).

I wish for an early release for Twilight princess
twilight princess is released early, but the cube version is cancelled so you have the game and no wii to play it on.

i wish i could use the force.
Twilight princess comes out early as you wished then you are horrified to find out your selfish wish has resulted in an incomplete and thus terrible zelda experience, resulting legions of zelda fans around the turning their backs on Nintendo forever, leading everyone you know and love to hate you and everyone on these forums wants to see you dead. (Lots of unnecessary ripping into you I know but dont take it personally :p )

I wish I had broadband...
u don't have broadband!!??:O well well. sorry:tard:

u get broadband but u end up only sitting on the computer all the time and playing wifi u lost all ur friend because u stop being with them after ten years u get sick of only being on the pc and u want to get out and meet ur friends but all of them are gone and u can't get any new ones because u can't get out of ur door and the telephone is dead nomeone comes visiting u anymore and then u don't have any food and u will die and be eaten up by flies and suddenly someone else move in too ur house but the house is hunted by u so u kill them and so it goes on until one day someone that moves in to ur house the the newest nintendo comsole the : ninteno poop! and u kill them and play with the poop the rest of the time of the world!! ended good??:tard:??

i wish 4 a poop
you get your dog but it turns out to be gannons dog and it eats you arms off so you cant play games

i wish for pokemon diamond
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You get it, but everytime you play it, you lose a finger. You've got nine more fingers left. How does it fell, by the way?

I wish I could just skip high-school and go staight to university.