Could Opera possibly be controlled by voice.


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Jun 27, 2006
I think that it is a possibility that Opera could totally be controlled by the users voice. However this would require the microphone rumour to be true.

A few bits of information lead to this idea. They were:

  • Nintendo being issued a patent to do with voice recognition technology.
  • Opera for PC can be controlled by voice, I think it is only for commands like 'back' etc., not as a substitute for typing.
  • I read an interview with someone from Opera who said that controlling it on Wii will be "as easy, if not easier than controlling it on a PC".

My guess would be that if it is controlled by voice, you could also use an onscreen keyboard aswell, because I'm sure some people wouldn't like using their voice and some words would need to be typed in manually.
not in the uk
to meny accents
I think it will b a great idea, in fact is one of the best things nintendo can do, a internet controlled by voice... just IMAGINE!
there are probaly going to be buttons on the wiimote assigned for diffrent things when on the internet. like the right dpad can be forward and the left dpad can be back
i heard that they are going to make a guitar game, how are they going to do that? Are they going to make some kind of guitar attachment
Yeah I think while it would be quite cool to control the net functions via voice there are simply too many, I mean have you ever looked through your options bar? My views on accents are all too clear in some of my other posts ^_^;; It would be way easier to just have your remote control a mouse pointer a lá pc and with the point and click this could be

"as easy, if not easier than controlling it on a PC"
In Windows Vista, voice recognition can be used as a substitute for typing (and I must say, if you go through the built-in training program, it is surprisingly accurate), but it is awful for web for one reason: web addresses us screwy spellings, and it automatically puts spaces between words. There are other functions that are great for web, like how you can simply say the text of any link and it understands, or for non-text links, you can say "show numbers" and it will put a number over each link, you then say the number of the one you want. The technology is definitely here, though I never expected to see it in a gaming console.

Afterthought: how long has this patent existed? Could it possibly be from Brain Age?