Crysis...the FIRST DirectX 10 game! *56K Warning*


Jun 18, 2006
Houston, Tx
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Could be old news but Im not sure so here we go...

From the creators of Far Cry comes the very first DirectX 10 game ever... Crysis! I will report more info later but for now here are some screenshots to keep yall entertained. I realise that graphics in a game are not everything but this level of detailed graphics is worth noteing.

REMINDER: These are not CGI video's. These are all in game shots:




A bit on the old news. The game looks nice what systems is this game for?
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Ohh sorry I didnt say before. It is the very first DirectX 10 game which will mean its a PC game.
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ehh...? I thought Far Cry was pretty much easy until you got to the Volcano level and have to get past all of those rocket shooting big guys. Then all of a suddent im stuck. Physics look top top notch as usual due to the Cryengine. Should be very fun to play, similar to Far Cry when it was released. Just sucks you need DX10 and DX10 is not backwards compatible with DX6 - 9. =(
anyway I like graphics, its a shame that nintendo cant have this graphics ( I know, I know... graphics are not all)