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Jul 3, 2006
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All of this talk about next gen we forget about the current gen. So people who do you think won this Nitendo with Gamecube Sony with the ps2 or Microsoft with the X box lets your voices be heard:cool:
Although I hate to say it, Sony won this gen with the PS2. However, Nintendo has made more sales this gen if you include the GBA's and DS's, so I'm not complaining.
nintendowiigaming.piczo said:
ps2...! although i had a lot more fun with my gamecube
For some wierd reason that sounded quite dirty :p but im also wierd myself. PS2 won but i liked the Gamecube alot more
It's always suggested that "Sony came first, followed by Xbox, then Gamecube", but it depends on what your definition is. If it's who sold more, then you'll say PS2, but of course with some PS2's life expectancy significantly shorter than Gamecubes, it doens't neccessarily mean it's a good thing.... I personally prefer my gamecube because the controller is better, and has shorter loading/saving times, has Nintendo games on (as in made by Nintendo) and despite what people say, does have online capability (albeit very limited).

Saying that, PS2 did have SOME good games. Final Fantasy X, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil (although most of the series is available on Nintendo consoles too), Silent Hill... er... (Psst, Lord Haku help me out here)...

Of course, "whoever won" doesn't detract from the fact that the Gamecube is still a superb machine. It also doesn't detract from the fact that it's inspired it's competition: GBA>Gamecube connetion inspired the PSP>PS3 connection.

Not that it matters. Many people have said that Sony will win this time around, simply because they have the PlayStation name (forgetting the fact that probably more people have heard of Nintendo, and most importantly, recognise it's gaming mascots).

Overall, this generation: 1. PS2 2. Gamecube 3. Xbox.
My predictions next gen: 1. Wii 2. 360 3. PS3 (Sorry Haku)
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Well I help you out with some franchies fanboys forgive for this?

Grandia II and Granida III
Gran Turismo
Final Fantasy 12
Jak and Deckter
Sly Cooper
Ace Combat
Guitar Hero
Star Wars Battlefront
Diesga 1 and 2
Ateiler Iris
Arc the Lad
Crash Bandicoot
Metal Gear Series
RPG Maker
DBZ Budokai 3 and Tenkaichi
FF IV Dirge of Cerebus
Star Ocean Till the end of time
God of War 1 and 2(coming soon)
Karakoe Dance Revoution
Dynast Warrios
Sudoiken 3 and 4
Star Wars StarFighter

That is all the games I can ride do to time and lack of patience see if you find any familar faces :D
Actually i would have chosen ps2 for the Dance Games cause i love those Dance Games :) but i havnt found one yet for GameCube :(
Well, the PS2 sold loads more than the other 2 consoles, so it's fair to say Sony won this round. In my own opinion, I'd say the PS2 was the best console, mainly due to the variety of games for it.
Actually the Only reason i didnt buy the PS2 was because I wanted SSBM and Starfox Adventures as neither of them where on any other console
sasuke747 said:
Actually i would have chosen ps2 for the Dance Games cause i love those Dance Games :) but i havnt found one yet for GameCube :(
Dude! Mario Dance Revolution. Not that I've played it personally, but I wouldn't mind having a go...

Here's some stuff: