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Jul 3, 2006
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Alright iON is probalby going to kill me for this but lets go people we all love nintendo But what about the other companies,do you want to deny that the ps2 isn't the best selling system in the former gen war, and who can deny the power of Halo

So who do you prefer Sony or Microsoft, or for you ninteno extermints no one?
last gen i liked them all. the gen before that it was nintendo and sony. this gen its nintendo and MS. sony is just getting to cocky and its pissing me off. im hopeing that the PS3 is the betaMAX of systems.
microsoft and ninty are my fav. for this gen. But next gen it will be just nintendo
ill start off by saying the ones i hate
EA (same shite diffrent box)
And all the disney shite
xBox is my system after NGC.. i can't see how people like the PS2 is specs are worse the NGC and most any game i like for PS2 is also out for xBox
Last gen was a more level playing feild in that all the consoles were very similar, if I were to say which was console was the best I would say probabbly the Xbox becaue the PS2 was well.... the PS2 and the gaemcube cotnrollers were a bit unco.
If its game companys
Nippon ichi (love there games hate all the time they take up)
Old sega (when sonic games where good)
Nintendo (agggggh thinking diffrently)
Namco (at times)
Capcom (not the constent rereleaseies of street fighter)
SNK (gods of 2d)
Treasure (ditto)
I used the PS2 much more than the Xbox or Gamecube, so I suppose I would consider that the best console. It's mostly down to the bigger number of good games. As for the new-gen however, a lot of things are putting me off the PS3, while Microsoft seem to have gotten their heads together to make the 360 work.
I probaly would have to vote for the gamecube for this generation because I was more interested in it and got more games for it then I did for XBOX. I only have 3, or 4 games for XBOX
yeah i dont like saying but ps2 wasnt that bad, i would say last gen that ps2 was best followed by GCN and then xbox. Also, this time it is nintendo's time to shine and ps3 will get alot of their ps2 fans support and the most annoying thing is that 360 aint that bad, i mean i hate those people who just tell me they are gonna buy ps3 over 360 when they have no reason to, they are all like, "ps3 is hell beter and i dont no why", there is a monstorous amoutn of gamers who no next to nothing about their consoles. Shame on them, they bring a disgrace to the name of the gaming community

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