Days Passed Away Mission/Job/Rumor thread


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Jan 25, 2009
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A thread for Missions/Jobs/Rumors for your Days character to take.

*Note, all quests are on hold till all participants make a post for all characters in the start

Survivor Rumors (First come first served)

-Dallas Haven: Rumor has it that Dallas has become a fortress held off by Pulse from outsiders and dead heads. According to various sources, its as close to a utopia as it gets around here. Others say the rumor is a trap set by the largest group of bandits in the lands. And others say the place use to be a safe haven, but is now the hotspot for massive undead activity after it got overran by the dead heads. (Status of Rumor: Impossible at this time)

-Old Joe Buttermaker: In Witanchee Valley they got a little problem on their hands. Apparently one of their own went off the edge, lost his marbles. In his looney binge he likes to lure dead heads into town at night just to watch the towns people kill them. The guy is off his rocker, but besides luring in undeads, he's harmless. Problem is nobody can find this guy during the day, and at night everyones too busy killin' off these damned dead heads to get him then. I hear the sheriff is looking to pay a few bucks to whoever can find him and bring him in. Live preferably. Killing him gets you nothing. Something about him being the mayors son or something like that. (status of rumor: easy)

-One thirsty family: Just outside of Witanchee Valley is a small house in the middle of the desert. In there is a mother and her two kids. They say the woman is starving her kids cause she's too scared to leave the house or let them leave, and she doesnt trust anyone coming in and bringing them food. She already shot two nice gentlemen trying to help, one of them was her exhusband, the father to them kids. He'll pay anyone who can talk her down long enough to get them kids some food and water. You can find him wandering around Witanchee Valley anytime of the day. Cant miss him, hes the one goin' on and on about how he worries about his kids constantly. (status of rumor: easy)

-Food shack: I hear that a bunch of bandits out in the desert got overran at their hideout just the other night. The dead came in while they were sleepin and had a late night snack. Someone came by and already took they're guns but a buddy of mine that was a former part of that gang says that they didnt check inside the hideout and there's still a ton of unperishable food locked up in there. He's willing to split the findings with anyone willing to back him up when he goes to check the place out. You can find him at the Ol' Spitin' Jar bar in Tapunka at noon every other day. (status of rumor: fairly easy)

-Weapon cache (low level firearms): Bunch'a bandits got lost in the woods near Tapunka. The dead heads didnt get to them, but people say there's plenty of them in those woods. No, they wandered around forever and starved to death after eating up all their food. If you can find them, I hear they were packin a **** ton of pistols they stole from a gun shop not too long ago. If youre lucky theyre still in theyre cold dead hands. Look out for the dead'ins though. (status of rumor: fairly easy)

-Abandoned hospital untouched by bandits or looters: The word around these parts is that there's a hospital out there that still has all the supplies it had before the **** hit the fan. But the reason it hasn't been looted yet is because of the amount of ghouls hanging around in the area. If you're going, you best be packing some serious firepower, but the reward is great if you can pull it off. (Status of Rumor: Extremely hard)
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Alright guys, its almost time to open this up for people to use. Storm, any Pulse missions you would like to put on here? Mr. MR, any B.C.C.O. jobs you'd like on here?