Days Passed Away

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Stalking Wolf quietly scalled the warehouse. It had sun panels uptop, he could easily see everything inside. The windows were blacked out with a thick coat of black paint, the sun pannels too. He slowly lifted one up to open it and looked below. The warehouse had no rooms, save for a small squared off room at the very back with a door. He saw six guards standing around, relaxed. Their weapons were slinged to their back and their helmets off for comfort. They've been visiting this site often, with little to no activity happening, that much was obvious by how comfortable they were being here. They have lost their sense of alertness, that will cost them.

A small group of three scientists worked at a small table in the center. Test tubes, beakers, and a small BIoCorp computer ran by generator centered them. Why would they come all the way out here to do such a thing? What could they possibly be researching or testing way out here? These thoughts briefly circled through Wolf's mind, but he cast them aside to focus on the goal at hand, his family.

Above them and below Wolf was a catwalk that squared around the inside area. one guard was already on the catwalk, directly below Wolf. Wolf took a rope from his satchel and tied one end to a pipe that ran from inside the building though the roof and jutted out the top. The other end he tied into a nuse.

He quickly lowered the nuse down below and caught it under the guards chin, the pulled it upward quickly. With Wolfs near inhuman strength, the tug was fast and strong enough to break the mans neck and crush his windpipe before he had time to know what was going on. Wolf then pulled the man up through the sun panel and laid his body on the roof. He then lowered the rope down once more, and slowly climbed down it to the catwalk. There he laid down flat on the cat walk and watched the other guards.

One of them were in the far corner, away from everyone else and none of them seem to be paying attention to that general area what so ever. Next victim. Wolf could take him out with his silent bow, but in a close and inclosed invironment like this, even if Wolf successfully took the man out with one shot, him simply falling over dead would make enough noise to alert everyone else.

Wolf quietly crawled on the catwalk till he was directly over the unsuspecting target. Wolf then took some spare rope and tied it to one of his throwing knives. He then wraped his legs around the handrail and hung upside down, hovering a few feet over the man. He took the blade and threw it straight down, through the top of the mans skull. Judging by the depth the blade penetrated past the bottom of the mans brain, possibly all the way to his throat. Before the man could fall, Wolf held taunt to the rope, keeping the bodys weight balanced between the rope and its feet. He then swung himself back up to the catwalk and pulled tighter on the rope. The knees of the body, now supporting little to no weight, locked in place and the feet of the dead man held firmly to the ground. Wolf then tied the other end of the rope to the handrail of the catwalk.

The other four were bunched together in the opposite corner. Talking and joking around, as all soldiers do when things are uneventful. Wolf waited to see if they would seperate to do their own thing, but saw that they were deep into a conversation they found interesting. Obviousl he would take them out together. Direct confrontation.

He loaded a round into his rifle and fired a bullet into the skull of one of the guards. The mans head exploded, splattering blood and brain onto his commrades. Their reaction, surprise, disgust. They were too busy trying to peice together in theyre minds what just happened, rather than to react to the thought that they are being targeted next. Wolf would have to move fast, it wont take long for them to come to such a thought. He quickly jumped up onto the handrail and with a strong push from his legs, lept forward, tommahawks in hand. He came down feet first between two of the men. As he fell between them his tommahawks met their faces, cutting deep into their skulls.

As he landed he let go of the tommahawks and pulled out a small throwing knife. As the last guard tried to pull out a pistol from his side hollster, Wolf jutted the knife upwards from under the mans chin, into his brain.

Just as Wolf thought the fight was over, he heard the door to the back room open. Without hesitating he sprinted for the door. A hand appeared from the doorway holding a pistol, aiming at the scientist. Before it could fire, Wolf was already there. He grabbed the hand and crushed the wrist with his grip, causing the guard to drop the gun. Wolf then took his hand that wasnt holding the mans wrist, and brought it upward under the mans elbow, hitting it with his palm. The force was more than enough to snap the mans arm in the wrong direction as bone stabbed through the pit of the mans elbow. He then reached through the doorway, grabbed the guards head and slammed his face into the exposed bone jutting from the arm.

Wolf then looked to the scientists, who were looking back at him in fear. One of them nodded to the other with a terrifyed look. The other scientist nodded back, and bit down hard on the side of his own inner jawline. He bagan to foam at the mouth, then he fell to the floor and started to convulse. Syanide pills, hidden in the teeth.

Wolf sprinted to their direction as another one bit down on the hidden suicide pill. Only one left. He leapt to the scientist and landed ontop of him after knocking him down. He quickly shoved his fist into the scientists mouth to prevent him from killing himself like the others.

"I will not allow you to die." Said Wolf. "Not yet."

Wolf could see the tooth from his angle that hid away the pill. He quickly pulled out one of his daggers and put the tip and the base of the tooth that met with the gum. He then cut it out. Blood spurtted from the mans mouth as he screamed in pain. Wolf pulled the tooth out of the mans mouth, followed by his fist. Wolf crushed the pill in his hand and wiped the fluid on one of the dead scientist. He then ripped a shed of one of the scientists lab coats and balled it up, then stuck it into the scientists mouth.

"When that stops bleeding, I want answers." Wolf said, firmly.

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