Days Passed Away

"You can call me Nolen." Said Nolen bowing slightly. "Excuse me for being so blunt but where are you heading and how is your truck working? In this age further courtesies are nothin' but a waist of time." He stopped and examined the truck. "It's amazing you where able to keep it out of the hands of bandits."
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Morton waved his hand at Ramirez' entrance, "At ease, soldier," he muttered dryly, "we have much to discuss an not a lot of time to do it..."

The Colonel stood up and slowly walked around his desk in front of Ramirez so they would talk face to face.

"It is no secret," Morton began, "that your recent comrades have been less than... Up to par with standard Pulse regulations. We have to step things up. The reanimated have been gathering more and more on the outskirts of the city... I assume you've heard the casualty reports recently?"

He could have waited for a response, but he had not finished getting his point across yet. "They are the lowest they have ever been since this crisis began. Now I sit here and from one point of view, I am grateful that the casualty rate is down, along with the number of rogue infected being brought into the city. But from a military standpoint... My gut says differently. My gut wonders why if the reanimated numbers in the area are larger than they have ever been, why such a low casualty rate, and better yet, why are small pods of twenty and thirty all that have been appearing around the city checkpoints?"

He slammed his hand down on the map of the city that lay on his desk, "the answer is here. I have been tracking their movements around the outside of the city... I believe these reanimated are far more cunning than they let on. I believe they are looking for structural weaknesses before attacking with the brunt of their horde. I know the nest is near somewhere... Until now I have not been able to find it."

Morton stood up and cleared his throat. "Ramirez, ten-hut!" Ramirez snapped to attention. "I am promoting you to Specialist. Your courage and undeniable will to succeed will prove most useful in your newest assignment. I want you to take a small group of soldiers with you, and I want you to scout out the bulk of the reanimated horde that is near this city. It must be found, and we must strike before it is too late. We must protect this safe haven and rid ourselves of the reanimated for just a bit longer if possible. Ramirez, this is up to you. When you locate the horde, notify me immediately. The following is top secret, no one else on your strike team can know."

Morton leaned in and whispered, "I have gained access to a nuclear weapon located in a hidden location in this city. As soon as you send me the coordinates of the horde, we will strike, and rid ourselves of this contaminant once and for all." Morton grinned, "this is your mission, Ramirez." Morton saluted to the newly christened Specialist.

"Commence Operation Sanctity Of Life, SOL for short."
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Knowing that the note was only to be read by her, Esper made her way into a nearby restroom and got into one of the stalls to read it.

OOC: Assuming it's about Stalking Wolf, MR. Right? If so, I can have Esper take part in finding and taking him down.
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OOC: Nick, I doubt it would be about that, seeing as the Stalking Wolf mission was given by the head of BioCorp, and that paper was to not be seen by anyone working directly under BioCorp, but for B.C.C.O. eyes only. More than likely your character will be doing something for Osmer that BioCorp will not be too happy with.

IC: Ramirez left the headquarters. Upon going outside, he put on his PC and lit up a cigarette.

"Well that wasn't what I was expecting." He said to himself out loud. He looked down to his chest where his new SPC rank symbol was on his chest, thought about the new responsibilities ahead of him. He grinned. 'Finally.' he thought. 'This is exactly what I signed up for. Helping people. Somewhere in this war, I've seen a side of Pulse that made me think they forgot what they were fighting for. Made me question if I was one of the good guys. But now, I see that Im working under people, like the Colonel, who understand that we are the ones people look up to, the former people of America. I'm glad to be on his side, and now that I head his own personal team, I take my orders only from him, directly from him. This job is starting to pay off. Thank God.'

Later that day, he went home. A small neighborhood built for soldiers of Pulse on base, he lived near the center of it. Living conditions were decent for those times. His wife and 7 year old daughter had no complaints. He told his wife of what happened, what he thought about it. Her only problem was when her husband told her that he now would be gone more often and possibly face more dangerous situations. He and his team would be placed in the hottest red zones (areas with the most reanimated) to find and save survivors, along with saving hostages and test subjects of BioCorp. This worried her, but as a good wife, she knew this was something that he had to do, and that neither her nor him had a say in it. That night Ramirez went out to shop at one of the bases many grocery stores to fix a romantic meal for him and his wife. While out, a mysterious man approached him, handed him a piece of paper, and walked away. Ramirez looked at the paper, and lost his breath at what it had to say.


Trent cleared his throat. "Well Mr. Nolen, it WAS. But something blew when we hit those Dead Heads. I'm going to look at it first thing in the morning. But for now we need to find somewhere to hide out near by and catch up on some sleep. We really do appreciate your help sir. We have a few supplies in the back, and a lot of guns and weapons we scored yesterday. Help yourself, it's the least we can do. Just please make sure to leave us enough to live off of. Are you staying somewhere close?"
He galloped on, past the setting sun, the once hot sand now cool and crisp as his hands hit upon it, sprinting on all fours like some sort of human cheetah. He ran for a long while, closely following the tracks imprinted on the sand. All of a sudden, he stopped, dust flying up from the abrupt halt in his movement. He sniffed the air and caught a scent. He knew the scent anywhere.

Dead Heads.

He slowly crawled on all fours forward, following the smell. Eventually, he found its source. About a mile away, he could see a large pile of dead reanimated, along with a pickup truck, and the two people he had been tracking. There was a third, but Aerian did not see a reason to bother with him. He would sit there quietly, out of sight and out of range, until they lay to rest.

He would sit there, sneakily and silently until they fell asleep, then... He would kill them all.
"Well, there is a Bandit shack farther down the road. But it's too far away on foot. The other direction leads to a small town but there is almost nothing left of it and it's way too far away. Not to mention the bandit population is huge." Nolen thought for a moment. "But here." He tossed Trent a bottle. "Last's for a couple of hours. It will eliminate your scent so they can't smell you. Also, if you decide to go into town, I can steal supplies from the bandits and show you good hiding spots. In return you take me farther down the road past the town."
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Trent shook the mans hand. "Sounds like a deal sir." he said. "I guess we should settle here then till the sun rises. We'll take guard shifts, Jessie and me. You can go ahead and sleep through the night, as thanks again for saving our hides."

He said that, though the truth is he didn't like the thought of him and Jessie sleeping while a man they never met before held their lives in their hands. Trent doubted this man that saved them would harm innocent people, but with someone he has to look after he couldn't get too comfortable with the guy.

"We'll head to that town after I fix the truck first thing in the morning. We can get the supplies from those bandits, I'll help you. Anything to make up for seeming helpless earlier." He said with a small chuckle. Jessie looked at him with an angry expression. "You mean to tell me you are going to go look for trouble with bandits? Have you lost your mind Trent?" she said. Trent waved down at her. "I'm sure we can handle it Jess. You and Rosco will be at a safe distance. While we are gone you can..."

Just then he was interrupted by Rosco's growling. Trent looked to the dog, then to where he was looking. "What is it boy?" The dog continued to growl to something in the distance. Trent hopped into the back of the pick up and grabbed out a Pulse grade sniper rifle. One of the few unusually good weapons the bandits had on them. He looked through the scope. It was a star gaze scope, a specially made scope built to track enemies at night time before the technological advances brought about night vision. Since the star gaze scope requires no power it isn't effected by the EMP blasts like all night vision equipment has been, it is the best way of spotting enemies at night, though the quality of the picture is nowhere near as up to par with standard night vision. The scope harnesses light from the stars and moon and uses it to give a clearer picture at night. With this Trent saw something in the distance watching them.

He didn't recognize it at first, but the outline of the armor gave it away. Trent looked to Jessie. "Get in the truck, bring Rosco." he then looked to Nolen. "You can waste Dead Heads pretty good, how are you with something living?" then he looked through the scope again. "Though he should be dead." he muttered under his breath.
Nolen grinned. "Not a problem. I fought my way through bandits before. If you are expecting company I need a better gun. I have yet to meet any military personnel. I heard they are quite a few around this time of year." He gazed up at where Trent was looking, pondering what Trent said. "Sounds like you know this guy. Anything I need to be aware of?"
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"Blew him up, guess he's pissed about that."

OOC: I'd leave it at that but I can't.

IC: Trent kept an eye down the scope but continued. "Whoever the hell this guy is I know two things about him. A, he's infected. Rosco went nuts after one wiff of the guy. And b, apparently he's really hard to kill. A box full of Pulse grade mines in an enclosed area I set off on him didn't seem to do the job."

Then Trent looked at the man through the scope a bit more, noticing he didn't have any sort of transportation with him at all. "This guy got here on foot this far, this fast? The hell is he?" He then looked back to Nolen. "I got an even worse feeling about this guy. He survives an explosion and I guess runs like a damn cheetah. Somethings... not right. I don't think we're dealing with a normal guy here."

'Just my luck.' Trent thought to himself. 'I go and make an enemy of something out of some sci-fi flick.'
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Ic: Aerian slunked a flat against the sand as he felt he was being watched. He could clearly see the three of them, even from such a distance. He also got a glint of light reflecting off of the boys face, which Aerian quickly realized must be the scope of a gun.

He grinned as he thought to himself, 'haven't had prey this much fun in quite awhile...'

The grin disappeared as he quickly used his modified strength to literally burrow into the sand dune. Without a necessity to breath being infected by the Necroenza, he could burrow all he wanted. The last thing the group saw of Aelrain was him vanishing beneath the ground as he burrowed towards them at an alarming pace.
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"****!" Trent yelled and dropped the sniper rifle. "Nolen grab a gun, any gun!" he yelled. "The guy just went 'Tremors' on us!"

Trent looked down into the back of the truck, grabbed a pistol and handed it to Jessie through the window. Then he picked up an AK-47, loaded it, and waited silently.

'The f*** is this guy's story!?' Trent thought to himself. 'I've seen some weirdness in my life, but this guy is some sort of... freak!'
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"We can't out run him and if he is infected we cannot reason with him for long. The way I see it is we have two options: Ignore him for now or confront him directly. If we pretend we don't know he is on to us, we might be able to ambush him. Then again I don't know how long we could last against him considering he survived an explosion." In his mind he had a third option: Abandon them and wait for this guy to be completely infected, leaving the truck for him. However he might not get the chance. He did have one bottle left which he was saving for a tough situation. And this situation might become just that. However he did have deal with this kid and he was not willing to jump out on it just yet. He will see how this situation plays out first.

Ooc: this is current
[STRIKE]He walked over to his Shotgun and picked it up. "No matter what we do we need to be armed at all times. This guy might be able to survive explosions, but can he resist bullets." He loaded a rifled slug into his twelve gauge. He traded a bottle of wine for a whole box of rifled slugs with some other things.[/STRIKE]

Nolen ran over to his shotgun and loaded a rifled slug into it. He traded a bottle of wine for a whole box of rifled slugs with some other things. Now that trade will do him some good.

"Damn, he moves quickly." Nolen aimed carefully.

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Ooc: it's all good mr., as Bodine and anyone who has rped with me will tell you, I have a problem with writing a very large amount very very quickly... Lol.


Aelrein continued burrowing his way just beneath the surface of the sand, just low enough so that there was no sign of movement on the ground above him. He kept his eyes open, the particles of now cooled sand glancing off his pupils, not bothering him nor impairing his vision in the slightest.

He had given up paying attention to pain a long time ago.

After a couple minutes of tumultuous burrowing, Aelrein stopped. He knew he had reached his target. He knew because about thirty feet in front of him he could hear the panting of their dog, accompanied by his low growl. Aelrein knew the dog was there, and the dog knew Aelrein was there, too. With a grin on his face, he bent down, compressing his powerful leg muscles. Then he released and leapt straight up through the surface of the sand about thirty feet in front of the group in a burst of dust and dirt. As it cascaded around him in a temporary dust cloud, he simply stared at Trent and Jesse without saying a word, paying no attention to the soldier near them. He simply raised one arm and pointed judiciously at Trent.

The only thing he muttered with his death stare locked onto Trent was, "You... "

He simply stood, pointing at Trent, repeating, "You..." every few moments.
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Trent aimed at the man with his AK. "I don't suppose I could just say I'm sorry about the bar thing and that be that, right?" he said nervously.

Jessie opened the door to the truck and held up the pistol, aiming it at the man. "Leave us the f*** alone." she said. Trent looked to her in surprise. "Get back in the truck!" he yelled at her. She shook her head while still looking at Alrein. "No." she said. "I'm not someone you can just hide from danger and protect, Trent. If he came for trouble I'm going to give him hell."
"This is not the time for being a hero." Nolen said at Jessie still keeping his aim on the thing. "The wrong move right now might get us all killed. Is that what you want?"
Nolen now spoke to Alrein. "What do you want anyway?"
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