Ghostbusters: City of Darkness (-RP Sign Up Thread-)


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Jan 25, 2009
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Okay first off, this may never happen. It all rides upon the fate of Seekers.

I'm not taking SUs at the moment. I'll have to brief everyone on the basics later. Right now this is just basically a, "Raise your hand if you might be interested." thread.

And if you're not familiar with the Ghostbusters, don't worry. I'll explain it in a short and easy way later if there is any interest in this RP.

Ghostbusters Guide
The following is a basic run through of Ghostbusters equipment, safety, etc.

ΘEquipment (on person)
- Proton pack: Anyone knows that the most interesting thing about a Ghostbuster is the Proton Pack. You know, the big, clunky, complicated thing they haved strapped to their back. The proton pack is one of the tools a Ghostbuster uses to catch a ghost. How does it work? Well thanks to the tireless research by Dr. Ray Stanz and Dr. Egon Spengler, these unlicensed nuclear accelerator engines can hold a appirition, or ghost, in place. This is done by the Neutrono Wand. The Neutrono Wand is the part of the Proton Pack that a Ghostbuster holds in his hands. Some think it looks somewhat like a gun, but thats far from true. The wand is straight, not completely straight but... oh just google it for a pic. It has several switches on the bulkier part just past the handle. One switch is to activate the Proton Pack, another is usedto begin the fire of the particle stream. Now, most people who aren't familiar with Ghostbusters think that the backpack equipment is used as a sort of "ghost vacume." They couldn't be more wrong. The Proton Pack is used to fire a laser known as a particle stream and hold ghosts. To see what these streams look like, please look to my signature at the bottom. It's the orange curvy lasers with blue "lightning" surrounding it. The stream is shot at a ghost. When coming into contact with the ghost, it interrupts its molecular structure, thus weakening it. When the ghost reaches a certain point, the stream will begin to "tangle" around the ghost, holding it in place. At this point think of it as a fish biting your hook. The ghost can pull away or go in another direction. You'll have to pull the other way and keep your ground if you don't want him to drag you around. A ghost can break free of the stream aswell. This of coarse takes a lot of energy to do. Warning: The streams are very dangerous. They may help catch ghosts but they are still a highly powerful, expossed stream of neutronic energy. They can be highly destructive to surroundings and deadly to living things. Use with caution. And never cross streams with another Ghostbuster. (see why down in the Ghostbusters rules)

-Ghost Trap: If the Proton Pack is used to hold the ghost, what is used to trap it? Well, the covienently named Ghost Trap is. When you have a ghost in your stream you or a nearby Ghostbuster then throws out the trap under the ghost. The trap is a small rectangular device. It has two metal "doors" on the top and a handle next to these flaps that extends backwards. On the bottom of the device are four tiny roller wheels used to slide the trap across the floor to just below the ghost. Conected to the trap is a long cable. At the other end of the cable is a somewhat flat, circular peice of metal with a red button on top. The button is to be stepped on to activate the trap. When activated, the flaps open and a ray of bright light emits from the inside. This is sort of a "ghost tractor beam". It sucks in ghost that comes into contact with the light. Some ghost however, are strong enough to fight against the "tractor beam." These ghost require both the suction of the trap and the help of the particle streams. You'll have to push the ghost downward into the trap with your stream. Warning: When a ghost starts to fall into the trap, look away from the trap. It is never explained why, but my guess is just before the ghost is captured, it emits a light bright enough to cause blindness.
-PKE Meter: Before you can catch a ghost, you have to find it. That's where the PKE meter comes in. The meter is a hand-held device that reads nearby psycho-kenetic energy. This energy is the essence of ghosts. It can't tell you the exact location of the ghost. It basically "sniffs out" the ghost. The closer you get, the stronger your reading on the PKE meter.

-Ecto Goggles: Most ghosts the Ghostbusters face actually show themselves in attempt to scare them since it knows it's in danger. But some prefer not to be seen in hopes to escape or have an advantage. The Ecto Goggles helps this by allowing you to see invisible ectoplasm that makes up a ghost. Also, like the PKE meter it shows what level ghost it is. These goggles have a short battery life so use only when necessary.

-Slime Thrower: Back in the day, the Slime Thrower was a seperate device on its own. Being a bulky cylinder worn on the back of one or two members while the others carried Proton Packs. Now, the Slime Thrower is built into the Proton Pack for convenience. It's used by setting it on by a switch on the Neutrono Wand of the pack. It sprays out positively charged ectoplasm like a water hose. The slime used is a scientificly altered ectoplasm. Natural ectoplasm without alteration can either do nothing, cause a negitave change in mood such as anger or sadness, or be harmful on contact. The positively charged slime used by the Ghostbusters can be used against ghosts to weaken them and be used as a non-lethal weapon against oposing humans or other living creatures. The positive slime will cause unconciousness to anyone sprayed down with it, then after waking up they'll be consumed with emotions like happiness and love for a short period of time.

- Tobans Spirit Guide: An old book carrying information and tips on ghost. Usually it has info on powerful ancient ghosts aswell.

ΘEquipment (other)

- Ecto-1Z: The vehicle for the new Ghostbusters. It's white with red decal and the classic Ghostbusters logo on both doors and the hood. A lot of complicated equipment rest atop the car. It has satelite gps tracking, a built in PKE meter, a large database computer, hands-free communication device, and a pretty cool stereo system. Also atop the vehicle is its blue siren lights, for the when the siren is activated if the busters are in a hurry. The siren itself has a unique sound to it that any GB fan could recognize so if you've haven't heard it you should look it up.

- Ecto Storage Facilaty: A huge machine located in the basement of the Ghostbusters headquarters. This machine is used to store all the ghosts captured by the Ghostbusters. You set the trap inside then shut the hatch, press a button, pull a lever then it empties the trap. Remember, "If the light is green, the trap is clean."

Ofcoarse during this RP you'll have to follow usual RP rules, but there are other rules pertaining to what kind of character you pick.


- Catching a ghost too easily will be a form of godmodding. And I'll be very strict on this.
-Obviously, catching a ghost in your ghost trap that is another users character is a form of bunnying.
-Murder of living beings is not allowed. Whether they be good or bad. We're the Ghostbusters afterall... we catch ghosts, not make new ones.
- Taking on a level 5 or higher by yourself is not wise. You'll either fail to catch it or be killed by it... if it's a violent ghost that is. A level 4 by yourself is a difficult chore on it's own, level 5 is near impossible when going solo.
- For the love of God, whatever you do, don't break the #1 rule of Ghostbusting. Never, EVER cross the streams with another Ghostbuster. If you do, it'll result in a "total protonic reversal". How did Egon put it? Oh yes, "Imagine all time stopping at an instant while every molecule in your body explodes at the speed of light." And yes, that's bad.

- No matter what level you are, The proton streams hurt like hell.
- If you happen to be caught in a containment wave from the proton stream, it is very, VERY difficult to escape. Not only are you already weakend, but it'd be hard to break free even if you were at full power. So if you manage to break free of a containment wave, waste no time and flee from battle. Whats worse is if you're caught in a containment wave and a ghostbuster activated a trap below you. Then you'd be struggling to break free from the stream, keeping the streams from pulling you down into the ghost trap, and fighting against the ghost trap that's trying to suck you in. Oh, and if 2 busters have a containment wave on you, it makes it more difficult. 3 or 4 is near impossible, even for a level 9. So if you break free, immeadiately flee or you WILL BE CAPTURED BY THE NEXT BEAM.
- Possesion of a human character is bunnying unless you get the okay from their user. Obvious yes, but I'm just making sure.

RP requirements:

-I need a team of Ghostbusters ofcoarse. 4 for right now but I may bring it to 5 or 6. Amoung the 4 I need: An increadibly intellegent one, a funny guy, a smart one that loves his job and gets excited about ghosts, and a level headed guy with common sense that usually points out obvious things the others overlooked or are forgetting or haven't noticed. I'll be taking the funny guy and I asked Storm to take the genius one. So I'll need two more for now.
- Since Storm already took the big bad ancient spirit I need a group of his elite level 9 spirits. 6 would be great all with their differences. Hopefully all different types of ghosts aswell. Kinda like a Majestic 6 sort of thing.
-I would like minor roles for those who don't mind having more than one character. These roles wont have as much "screentime" as the major roles but would help. Things like the mayor of NY, the Ghostbusters secretary, maybe a friend of the Ghostbusters, some guy trying to bring the Ghostbusters down through an onslaught of legal BS, etc.
-Also, some user-controlled ghosts would be great. Nothing higher than a level 8 though. Maybe a weak one that's mostly an annoyance. For comedy purposes.
-Cult members. These are humans, but bad guys.

Due to certain things being brought up I guess I should go ahead and shed a little light on the story. This takes place in 2009. The original Ghostbusters have gone out of buisness years ago when spooks across the city decreased too low for buisness to keep it's head above water. But late 2008, more reportings of ghost sightings have started. By the time 2009 came around, it was becoming a regular thing. So a group of guys (Not sure if they're adult scientist or college students hoping to someday work in the field of science yet) contact Peter Venkman, Ray Stanz, Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddemore to ask of their permission to take over the buisness. After a month or two the new Ghostbusters become quite popular. They also notice the spook count continues to rise in the city and have even met with a few gouls that were too powerful for them to handle. Little do they know, the cause of this is actually an underground cult lead by a powerful ancient spirit is reviving ghosts to bring about the end of the world.
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Glad to have you aboard Storm
ok im interested i guess...
*raises hand* v.v
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^ That's cool.

Yes, I only came here to laugh at this, sorry Bodine. [/douchebag]

You gotta admit that Ghostbusters as an RP is rather... retro and weird. It could succeed, but wow, that's just random.
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Yes, I only came here to laugh at this, sorry Bodine. [/douchebag]

You gotta admit that Ghostbusters as an RP is rather... retro and weird. It could succeed, but wow, that's just random.

The way I plan it, it has more potential than it would seem. I've already came to the thought that a Ghostbusters RP is a bit out there when I was thinking of ideas back in December. But I've thought of a story that'll make it RP worthy. As for retro, that's what I do. But this takes place in the present with new Ghostbusters. Have more faith in my creativity.
Ofcourse, ofcourse. I was only laughing at the fact it's Ghostbusters, not the fact that it would fail (whether or not it will). I've heard of much worse RP ideas, anyways. As I said, it could certainly succeed.

I know, I'm a jerk. :p
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Ofcourse, ofcourse. I was only laughing at the fact it's Ghostbusters, not the fact that it would fail (whether or not it will). I've heard of much worse RP ideas, anyways. As I said, it could certainly succeed.

I know, I'm a jerk. :p

I'll agree :lol:

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*Raises both hands*
As long as I'm Peter Venkman, I'm totally in! Ghostbusters ROCKS!!!
*cough* read the op *cough*

Well you certainly have the enthusiasm of a Ghostbusters fan, but will you be able to post regularly?
Well, thought id just say this. Calling leader of the Ghost cult. Not making an SU until it is official. Btw, whats the highest level for a Ghost?
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Well, thought id just say this. Calling leader of the Ghost cult. Not making an SU until it is official. Btw, whats the highest level for a Ghost?
It goes from level 1 which is like orbs to level 10 which is Gozer or Stay Puft Marshmellow Man level.

I'm going to edit in a "ghost guide" later explaining ghost levels and types of ghosts.