demo downloads


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Jul 1, 2006
I know the ds demos are supposed to be able to be downloaded from the Wii to the ds, but will the demos go the other way as well, in case people don't have an internet connection or slow dial-up they can goto the ds pad at gamestop or whatever gaming store has the ds download station and download Wii demos then take them home to their Wii, that would be nice. What does everyone think the probably of this would be?
A usb flash memory drive will be better since they're the size of an average pen, the wii will have usb ports, it ranges from 7 to 100 dollars depeding on the memory, and its much faster This is what one looks like for those of you who don't know:
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I don't know the full specs of the ds but there is no way there is enough memory storage in the system to hold a demo for the wii. The next generation of media card readers (ie the ds movie/music player) may add this feature but there is no support right now.