Do u remember this???

No I don't remember it, but it seems like alot of other mario games that i've played, I could make a better game I bet with Gamemaker:D
I know it's off-topic but can someone tell me how to get the picture under ur signature?? plz tell me!
go to user cp, then go to edit signature, in the little box where you write ur signature click on the little button that looks like a postcard with a picture of mountains on it, then you get the url of the picture and put it in, then save changes, and thats it.
Actually I don't remember it (I never played a Mario game until Mario Sunshine), so thanks for posting that. I'll be checking out some of the old school Mario games on the Virtual Console- anyone know where I should start?
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Maybe with super mario bros. and tehn with the classic Super Mario 64
that means you have something wrong with your code make sure there are "" around the url
that's actually just a cut version of SMB3. I just say that because of the character design. I don't really like the game though, it's not sharp enough with the controls.