Do u WANNA get married?

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well dont u have a preference of sum1?

personally, i find this gal quite nice:
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For the sake of keeping the topic rolling, I'd think long and hard about making the decision first. I'm not fond of divorce, especially if there are children involved.

oh sure sure, u gotta think hard, itz not sumthing u decide in an hour, unles u rly love the person like <3333333333333333333333 :D
I retract my statement of not being fond of divorce, that isn't entirely true. I would marry someone then divorce them if it gave them citizenship status to the U.S. In all other cases I'm generally not fond of the idea of breaking a commitment.
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yea thts a good reson... i also agree wit not liking to divorce sum1... altho id think n e 1 wud wnna go thru that