Do you use Nintendo's online play yet?


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May 17, 2006
Cornwall, UK
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I'm wondering, I haven't tried (more like haven't had the money to try) Nintendo's online play. I do want to play online. Who here has/does play online, and who wants to?
i have a couple of ds games with online. the only ones i dont have are lost magic and stupid tony hawk's game.

so tha means i have animal Xing, tetris ds, metroid pryme...and mario karrrt.

i will get starfox one day, if they ever let me pick up MY RESERVE! ugggg
I aslo have the four; Mario Kart, Metroid prime hunters, Tetris and Animal Crossing.

Animal crossing is great for relaxing, and some easy gaming; i generally have spurts where im on it ALL the time, then wont pick it up at all for a month...

I havt been on MK for ages, though i really should...I used to play it a lot.

Metroid is for the more competitive gamer. And i find you are either really good or really bad; i guess it depends on how you get used to the odd control system.

Tetris is what i play mostly at the moment, mainly because it's the newest; TIP: If you're on single player classic and have played for over 30 mins. TAKE A BREAK! I played for an hour and a half straight to get my 5 mil score, to find that i couldnt move my arms higher than my neck...ouch.

P.S I agree with the MK cheating. You can't really 'cheat' on MP:H though you get a few who disconnect. However on tetris, you get the win if your opponent disconnects. Thats another reason why im playing it so much at the moment.
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i say dissconnects should vary, if you at the time had the higher overall score, then you get the win, if you did, or both had a tie, you dont get a wiin (<LOL im not fixing that it was an accident swear to god,) nor a loss.
Online is great, except can be a little slow at times (finding games I mean). Apart from that small problem, it's brilliant!
I love Nintendo's online service. For the price we pay for it, it's a very good service in my opinion. Play "anyone" in the world who is online with there DS. The only problem I see with it (which I think they are now fixing) is that once you play someone you like playing with, there's no way to add them. I here MP:H has a sorta voice chat lobby, but I'm not sure. I only played it 3 times online and got my butt handed to me.
same here i have AC:ww, tetris, mkds and mph.... i like tetris because there isnt any way to cheat..... i like mkds when people dont cheat and just playt, im not that good at mph, so its hard to play online when im dying all the tiome haha.... and ac:ww.... it was fun for a while, and i agree i find myself playing it all the time at once and then not playing it for like a month at a time... haha... fun fun i excpect to get starfox to play it.... OH i also have lost but im stuck on a part and dont know waht to do so i gave up on that game it was cool and boring at the same time...... VERY neat/creative i dea for casting spells by drawing them tho
Link_of_Hyrule said:
your missing out lost magic is an awsome game! and online is free

I'm thinking about getting Lost Magic but so far i've been sorta aprehensive. What's so great about it?
Tomorrow I'll get my DS Lite, I'm going to make a thread for you to tell me how to use the online worldwide.

Thanks if you answer.

PD: I will do it on nintendo wii chat, because in the nintendo ds sub-forum no-one will see it and I need to know now!.

(Please don't answer this, answer it tomorrow)