Dreadnought galaxy - garbage dump


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Feb 5, 2009
I ' ve beat bowser but cannot beat this level. Please somebody help me pass this level so I can sleep at night. Any tips or tricks would be helpful.
Garbage Dump

It's easy once you know where to throw the bombs. Run to the second bomb first and throw it to the gold "bolt" in the floor. Pick up the bomb from the first position and toss it slightly to the left of the bolt. These two will blow up the first 5 trash piles. Quickly pick up the bomb from the third spot and throw it to the next gold bolt, it's the one towards the center. Grab the 4th bomb and throw it to the gold bolt farthest right. Run back and get another bomb and throw it slightly to the right of the last bomb and it will take out the remainder. Check out videos on youtube for a visual. It took me a couple of days to get that rythym, but now I can do it no problem. Hope this helps.
there are markings on the ground hinting where u should throw the bombs....it look like flat gold coins on the floor...try throwing the bombs as close to the markings as possible and u'll get it
Also, if you are running out of time (less than 9 seconds) and have a bomb close but not quite right, throw another bomb to set up a chain reaction. The bombs take 9-10 seconds to explode, but if they're close enough to one about to explode, you can blow up 2-3 more in the final seconds that otherwise would not have exploded.
One other tip I've learned while playing through again. If you run into the bombs without picking them up, you'll trigger the fuse, so you can run into them before 11 seconds remaining but not place them until just before they blow. Makes the star a lot easier to get than trying to set up chain reactions.
This board is annoying the f*$# outta me. Its hard to throw the bombs exactly on those gold spots. ughhhh
this star is one of the only ones i cannot beat by myself. I can't even find out the difference between this one and the one in the battlerock galaxy, but they managed to make this one a lot harder. why is it so impossible?
Why did they even bother to make it? it pisses me off so much... and its repetitive... i hope there arent any of these annoying stars that u have to do twice in super mario galaxy 2.
from some of the videos I saw they have something similar to the garbage dump but its just boxes that you have to smash within a certain time.

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