DS Lite Problems


Aug 6, 2006
Well, tomorrow I will return and get my THIRD DS Lite. It must be my luck. Cause first had the right shoulder button all screwy (it was like built higher than the left) and now this one has a stuck green pixel, and my friend has a stuck green pixel too he just noticed! What is going on? Lucky #3 I'm hoping for here!
Mine has a single stuck green pixel about 2/3 down, 1/3 left on the bottom screen, but you can only see it when the whole screen is black, so it doesn't really bother me. No problems with the shoulder buttons (although, I rarely use them)
I'm glad I bought my ds a month (or so) before the lite's release. Although I have one dead pixel on my ds, the lite doesn't seem to have the control the older gen ds does. Mainly in the touch screen, the sensitivity isn't the same. A buddy and I swap systems in between playing mini games on mario 64 ds, and I notice it every time.

Overall, i'd overlook that problem (as I don't use the touch screen for too much precision in games) and still consider buying a new lite system, just never to replace my current ds.
I think the new ones have improved. My onyx Lite works perfectly.
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Icetrash said:
I dont get it.... whats the difference between a "Onyx Lite" and just a normal "Lite"?

Onyx is Black, just the color.
my lite has a red pixel right in the middle of the screen that only goes away when the screen is white :(
obviously if there are any software problems you should check if you can get it sorted for free!! if you have warranty!

bought my white ds lite in september no probs so far ;)
my DS Lite is okay. only thing im worried about is that whole talk that a tightened screw in the DS Lite will eventually crack the top left side of the DS. but i got a warrant for a year and i barely bought it back in september so if that does happen, ill send it to get a new one free.
my black lite has no dead pixels, no shoulder button problem, and the touch is fine (exactly like my older DS)...

... maybe your DS lite touch is faulty?