DS opera browser in europe in 6 of october!

Jun 5, 2006
oops... forgot
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DS browser to europe 6 of october!
Soon you won't have to smuggle your DS browser from Japan! With a release date scheduled for October 6, 2006, DS fans will soon be browsing the Internet with Opera at WiFi hotspots all over Europe. Let the countdown begin.
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i know al lot of places in Norway where i use to be and theres internett allemost all the places so when i'm at holiday and don't have a computer i can chat with u guys just from my DS;) that will be just so cool
wont it be a bit weird, i mean like by typing? will a keyboard come on touch screen in which u can type on? Also i reckon opera will be cool cause of its inbuilt voice recognition, that will work great for ds.