DS - Wii Comunication


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Jun 2, 2006
Melbourne, Australia
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What do you think the DS will be able to do with the wii? because i know that nintendo has said the Wii will be able to comunicate with DS, but whats to comunicate, Mabey like Windwaker on game cube and how the GBA had its own little bit when you connect it to the gamecube
Nothing really springs to mind. I doubt many developers will utilize the feature, just like the GBA/GC connectivity.
if the next crystal chronicles follows suit with the first one it'll require 4 nds to play fully....(only time i've ever accused nintendo of money grubbing was the original crystal chronicles....)
Don't expect to many games to use this feature- not everyone who has a Wii will also own a DS, which excludes certain people from buying games that do use it.
I'm guessing they'll try to expand the usage a little bit but any game where the motion sensitive controllers are critical seem like they'll be mutually exclusive with using the DS and vice versa.