E4 Goldeneye Clan

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Oct 1, 2011
Hello, i'm from the E4 clan. you may have fought against some of us.

so what is E4?

good question, we are a goldeneye clan for wii. our actual name is MI6 ELITE FOUR, our tag is E4-

how do i join?

easy, simply respond to this topic asking if you can join or send me a message, my GE name is E4*Nytron. We have low level players and high level players, so anyone can join, we will train you up to become one of the best. Also, my skype name is nytron_flash, so feel free to add me
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player wants to join

i want to join this clan im lv 9 by the time u reply probably 11
favoured wepon segs shotgun
comes in the top two in team on outpost
Awesome welcome =) , nytron is going to pm u about the details
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