Endless decision.


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Aug 23, 2006
I never heard of wii until yesterday when i saw the brawl game. this is driving me nuts because i cannot decide if i want this. I have gamecube and i cannot decide if its worth it... I would still use my gamecube games,so i am trying to figure out if its worth it. I would get brawl, madden, monkey ball, tony hawk, other games, then play online and maybe download old games.. Are those good reasons to get an upgrade from gamecube to wii. Its just annoying me thinking if its worth it because the games are so expensive and i would still play gc games on wii since i would have that. So is it worth the new games and online play. I keep saying yes, then no, then maybe. Help!
havent u seen it has movement sensor and a lot of better stuff???

i cannot tell you how much the wii is going to be wiioth it.

there is one thing ill tell you though, screw the monkey ball, get red steel, super mario galaxy, or the new zelda. sure i know the gamecube wasnt exactly as good as the ps2, but i believe that the wii wiill blow everything away.

its worth it if youre spending <250$ for a gaming revolution. im telling you every time nintendo does it, they do it right.
definitely get a wii. You can still play your gc games, play great new wii games, and download n64, snes, nes, sega genesis, and turbo graphx 16 games. Its like 7 consoles in one for less than $250.
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yeah, but one thing thats is bothering me is, i have alwasy wanted to play onlune which wii can, but do u guys thunk u will be able to for smash brawl, madden?
yes smash brawl will definitely be online; in fact, the only reason they made it was so they can put it online. I don't know if madden will be online but I think it will be since one of the reasons people buy these sports games is for the multiplayer and the madden 07 on other systems will be online.
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Great Thanks, thsta great news about smash. Maybe bonds will too! Does wii sports come with it or do you buy it seperatley? I wish the games were a little cheaper. Is brawl just like melle?
Get the Wii. It has better graphics, new and better games, you can play online, you can download old games, it can play Gamecube games, the controller has motion sensor wich is the best because if you have a sword you can swing the sword and it lets you "be in the game" , it is $250 or less and games are not to expensive (about $50 ).
Look at BestBuy.Com, Gamestop hasnt updated their games/prices in forever. Wii is sleek, fun, you can even have your siblings throw cash in or your parent(s) becuase you can say: Its for everyone, you give me money, I will buy a game we both like. thats how im getting Call of Duty 3 (my sister loves ww2 games)
Yeah, all 1st-party games r going to be $49.99 or less and the most a 3rd-party game could possibly be is $60, and all the ones u want r made by nintendo, so no problem.

Almost every(if not every)game will have online capabilities, get the Wii, there's so much more to it than we're even telling u here. If u want to know more just PM(click on my username and say send private message)

Get Twilight Princess(from the Legend of Zelda Series), if u don't u'r insane. That or Corruption(from the Metroid Prime series).