Endless Ocean! I need help...


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Jun 25, 2009
okay so i am at the part where i am supposed to go around on various places on the map and tie up loose ends. I am in the ABYSS and Katherine keeps telling me i need to search the wall opposite of the hot-jets. I have already been in the Crystal Cave and the Secret Cave. I have already also found the Coelacanth.

What do I do now?
she s joking! You have to find Friendship cave!! Plus did you get the coral in the colecanths cave?? if so go to

SPOILER!!!!!!>>> ALERT!!~!!><><<><<<>>

Friend ship cave is around E 5 and 6 at 107m (350 ft)

P.s are you looking forward to endless Ocean 2??

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coral in Coelacanth Cave? hmmm I dont think I did. I will check that out the next time I am on. thanks for the help.

and i am very much so looking forward to EO2. Do you know a release date?